Carleton, New Brunswick

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Carleton is located in New Brunswick
Former location of Carleton in New Brunswick

Carleton is a former community in New Brunswick.

It was located in Saint John West. It was probably named for Sir Guy Carleton, 1st Baron of Dorchester (1724-1808) and Commander in Chief of the British forces in North America.[1] Other sources say General Carleton, first Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.[2]

The Loyalist-dominated communities of Parr Town and Carleton developed around Fort Howe.

Members of the Black Watch settled here in 1783.[3]

In 1785, both towns were amalgamated by royal charter to become the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, making it the first incorporated city in British North America (present-day Canada).

In 1871, the suburb of Carleton had a population of 5000 people.[1]

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 45°16′N 66°3′W / 45.267°N 66.050°W / 45.267; -66.050