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Carlin's Park was a park in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 1918 by John J. Carlin.[1] The park was noted among members of the outdoor amusement park industry for the development of profitable winter operation and activities.[1] Carlin's Iceland hosted indoor ice skating, winter carnivals, figure skaters, and was home to the Baltimore Orioles in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League.[1]

Carlin's Park was hailed as "Clean Fun For the Entire Family",[2] because it was a place where the entire family could be entertained. There was a roller coaster, a tea cup ride, a swing ride, and many other attractions including a large swimming pool, some circus acts, and fireworks.[2] A common suggestion in ads of the time was to "make a date to roller skate" at Carlin's roller rink.[2] Carlin's park also held all night dance parties with live bands.[2] Traveling shows, including operas, would also make appearances at Carlin's Park.[2]

A series of events in the mid-1950s spelled the end of Carlin's Park. The first event was the death of owner John J. Carlin in May 1954.[1] Next came a fire in 1956 that destroyed the ice skating arena.[3] The final blow to Carlin's Park was being overlooked by the City of Baltimore in the awarding of the new Civic Arena.[4]


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