Carlingford, New Brunswick

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Carlingford is a Canadian rural community in Victoria County, New Brunswick.

It is on the International Boundary between Maine and New Brunswick, midway between Perth-Andover and Fort Fairfield. Carlingford is on Route 190, also known as the Fort Road, which ends at the Canada Border Services Agency inspection station.

A farming community, Carlingford's economy relies heavily on potatoes.

An Anglophone community, Carlingford students attend classes in Perth-Andover under School District 14. The schools are Southern Victoria High School, Perth Andover Middle School, and Andover Elementary School.


The area was named after Carlingford in Ireland.

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Coordinates: 46°44′50.5″N 67°44′47″W / 46.747361°N 67.74639°W / 46.747361; -67.74639