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Carlingford Station - Platform 1.jpg
Southbound view in August 2012
Location Lloyds Avenue, Carlingford
Coordinates 33°46′56″S 151°02′49″E / 33.782157°S 151.046962°E / -33.782157; 151.046962Coordinates: 33°46′56″S 151°02′49″E / 33.782157°S 151.046962°E / -33.782157; 151.046962
Elevation 104m/341ft
Owned by RailCorp
Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) Carlingford
Distance 27.85 kilometres from Central
Platforms 1
Tracks 1
Connections Bus
Structure type Ground
Parking 22 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code CGF
Website Sydney Trains
Opened 20 April 1896
Electrified Yes
Previous names Pennant Hills
Preceding station   Sydney Trains   Following station
Terminus T6
Carlingford Line
towards Central

Carlingford railway station is the terminus station of the Carlingford line, serving the Sydney suburb of Carlingford. It is served by Sydney Trains T6 Carlingford line services.


Carlingford station was built as the terminus of a new privately owned railway from Rosehill. The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers' Advocate of 12 January 1895 described the plans for the station:

The stations will also be first-class structures. At Cox's at Carlingford there will be approaches to the station on two sides. On the right hand side travelling north will be the main station building, and a covered platform 300 feet long. On the left hand side will be a goods siding. ... All the buildings will be of weatherboard. The plans are all ready, but tenders have not yet been accepted.[1]

The station opened on 20 April 1896 as Pennant Hills, but the line was never used, as the owner had got into financial difficulty. Pennant Hills was supposed to be a temporary terminus, as it was originally intended to extend the line to Dural.[2][3] The initial section of line was eventually taken over and upgraded by the government. It opened for traffic on 1 August 1901 and the Pennant Hills station was renamed Carlingford.[4][5] After the government took control of the line, it directed the Public Works Committee to conduct an investigation into the value of the Dural extension. The committee ultimately decided not to support construction of the extension.[6]

The Carlingford Produce Store is located adjacent to the station. It included facilities to load grain onto railway wagons. Some of this infrastructure is still extant today.[7] A large amount of land lies behind the station, for future extensions of the line.

Parramatta Rail Link[edit]

A major development of Carlingford station - and the Carlingford line - was proposed as part of the Parramatta to Chatswood Rail Link project. The Epping to Parramatta section of the project was postponed indefinitely in 2003 by then-New South Wales Transport Minister Michael Costa citing a lack of projected passenger numbers and economic viability.[8]

However, on 11 August 2010, the federal Labor Party promised $2.6 billion towards a revival of the project, as part of the party's successful campaign to retain government at that year's election. Carlingford would have been rebuilt as an underground station. Work was due to start in 2011, with a prospected 2017 finish, but the NSW Liberal Government cancelled the project, instead requesting that Federal funding be diverted to an upgrade of the Pacific Highway.[9] The Federal Government responded by revoking the funding altogether.[10]

Light rail[edit]

The Camellia to Carlingford section of the Carlingford railway line will be converted to light rail as part of the Parramatta Light Rail project.[11]

Platforms & services[edit]

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
Terminating services to and from Clyde

Transport links[edit]

Hillsbus operates one route via Carlingford station:

State Transit operates three routes via Carlingford station:

Carlingford station is served by one NightRide route:[17]


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