Carlisle Border Reivers

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Carlisle Border Reivers
Year Formed 2009
Team Colours White or Maroon & Silver with Black helmets
Home Field Sheepmount Stadium, Carlisle
Conference Alignment BAFACL Division 2 North
Head Coach glutton for punishment
Offensive Coordinator
Defensive Coordinator Coach Paul Brady
Special Teams Coordinator tba

The Carlisle Border Reivers are an amateur American Football club playing in Division 2 North of the BAFA Community Leagues. They are based in Carlisle, Cumbria, England.


The Carlisle Border Reivers are one of Cumbria’s American Football Team's, alongside the Walney Terriers, and have gained full status to the British American Football Associations League (BAFA Community Leagues) for the 2011 Season. The Reivers first training session was in January 2010 and the team was associate members in the league in the 2010 season playing 4 friendly games against Gateshead, Dundee, Clyde Valley and Loughborough.[1]

The Reivers Competed in Division 2 North for the 2011 and will line up in the same conference for the 2012 Season.

The Reivers Colours are

Home : White shirt, Silver pants and Black helmets

Away : Maroon shirt, Silver pants and Black helmets.

The Reivers train every Sunday between 1pm and 4pm at the Sheepmount Stadium in Carlisle.


The Reivers completed their first full season in the BAFA National Leagues in 2011, they ended the season with a 0-10 record and finished 7th and bottom of division 2 North. The Reivers will compete in Division 2 North again for the 2012 season alongside Clyde Valley Blackhawks, Dundee Hurricanes, Glasgow Tigers and Highland Wildcats.

In December 2010 The Reivers were associated as full members to the BAFA Community Leagues and for the first full season the Reivers were aligned to Division 2 Northern Conference for the 2011 season along with Clyde Valley Blackhawks, Dundee Hurricanes, Glasgow Tigers, Highland Wildcats and West Coast Trojans.

The Border Reivers were formed in the winter of 2009. The Reivers have roots mainly from the Cumbria Mariners of 2007-2009, a small team from Whitehaven, West Cumbria. In 2010, the Reivers played 4 games as BAFACL Associate Members, on their way to achieving full league status, the Reivers lost all 4 games against experienced teams. The Reivers 2010 games were against Division 1 teams, Dundee Hurricanes & Gateshead Senators and Division 2 team the Clyde Valley Blackhawks, the final game of the 2010 season was against Loughborough Aces who are one of BUAFL’s most successful teams

The Cumbria Mariners were Associate Members to BAFA in 2008 and were unable to achieve full league status in 2009 despite playing 3 full games in the Summer of 2008. The Cumbria Mariners were based in Whitehaven, West Cumbria. The team moved to Carlisle to achieve larger playing numbers which would enable the club to grow - the team rebranded as the Carlisle Border Reivers.

The mainstay of the committee who run the Reivers are from the original Cumbria Mariners team. The Mariners team was formed and run by 3 university graduates who wanted a senior team in their local area having played the sport through university. The original founders of the Mariners were Dan Fielden - Newcastle Raiders, Simon Walsh - Stirling Clansmen and Paddy Gorrill - Lancaster Bombers.

The Reivers can also trace roots from Cumbria's original teams from the 1980s and early 1990s, the Carlisle Kestrels, the Furness Phantoms and Cumbria Cougars who all played in the original British American Football League.

Home ground[edit]

The Reivers both practice and play home games at the Sheepmount stadium, Carlisle.[2] Admission to the Reivers games is free.

The future[edit]

The Reivers are about to enter their second full season in the British American Football League. The Reivers look to build experience in this season and recruit more players.

The Reivers will be looking to improve in 2012, the Reivers debut season in BAFANL ended with a 0W - 10L record and the Reivers ended bottom of Division 2 North.

Long-term goals for the club are to consolidate in the league and develop a youth programme to bring football to all ages in Cumbria.


2011 Results (0W - 10L)

West Coast Trojans 52 - 0 Reivers (L)

Highland Wildcats 55 - 0 Reivers (L)

Glasgow Tigers 68 - 3 Reivers (L)

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 50 - 3 Reivers (L)

Reivers 0 - Clyde Valley Blackhawks 64 (L)

Dundee Hurricanes 80 - Reivers 14 (L)

Reivers 6 - 26 Glasgow Tigers (L)

Dundee Hurricanes 58 - 0 Reivers (L)

Highland Wildcats 34 - 12 Reivers (L)

Reivers 14 - 27 Edinburgh Wolves (L)

2010 Results (0W - 4L)


Reivers @ Gateshead Senators (L)

Reivers 0 Vs 78 Clyde Valley Blackhawks (L)


Reivers 4 Vs 30 Dundee Hurricanes (L)

Reivers 0 @ 49 Loughborough Aces (L)

2008 Results (0W - 3L) - Playing as Cumbria Mariners

Mariners 0 @ 30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks (L)

Mariners 0 Vs 34 Clyde Valley Blackhawks (L)

Mariners 0 Vs 12 Merseyside Nighthawks (L)


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