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Carlisle Companies Incorporated
Traded as NYSECSL
S&P 400 Component
Industry Manufacturing Aviation Power Transmission Brakes Food
Founded 1917
Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Key people
D. Christian Koch President, CEO
Steven J. Ford CFO,VP
Revenue $3.6 Billion (2012)
$180.8 Million (2012)
Total assets $3462.4 Million (2012)

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a global diversified company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products that serve a broad range of niche markets including commercial roofing, energy, agriculture, lawn and garden, mining and construction equipment, aerospace and electronics, dining and food delivery, and healthcare.


Founding and early years[edit]

Carlisle Companies Incorporated has a history which began in 1917, when Charles S. Moomy opened Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to sell inner tubes to Montgomery Ward and Company. With thirty employees Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company began producing automobile inner tubes. The Company continued to grow and prosper through the 1920s.

With the Stock Market crash of 1929 and the beginning of the Depression, Carlisle Tire and Rubber, like most other companies during that era, found itself in a desperate struggle to stay afloat. Near the end of the 1930s, in order to avoid bankruptcy, Moomy turned all of his common and preferred stock over to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia which by then, as the largest shareholder, had control of the Company.

The end of the depression and the beginning of World War II forced changes upon the rubber industry. Japan cut off 95% of the natural rubber supply from the East Indies, forcing Carlisle, along with other companies, to seek other sources. In December 1945, Carlisle began to manufacture inner tubes using synthetic rubber.

Carlisle Tire and Rubber was purchased by Pharis Tire and Rubber Company in 1943 for $330,000. But significant losses followed and in 1949, the Board of Directors decided to liquidate the company. All Carlisle stock was distributed to the Pharis stockholders and the company was officially renamed Carlisle Corporation. In 1946, Carlisle purchased a company that produced molded friction products that are used on traditional brake shoes and thus began the starting point of what today is Carlisle Brake & Friction. This also ushered in a new phase for Carlisle as they began growing as a diversified manufacturing company.

Later developments[edit]

During the 1950s and 1960s, Carlisle continued to acquire a variety of other companies further diversifying their product mix to include insulated wire and cable, which today is known as Carlisle Interconnect Technologies. On June 1, 1960, Carlisle Companies Incorporated became a publicly traded company on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) with a ticker symbol of "CSL." By the end of the 1960s, Carlisle was producing aerospace and electronic products, recreational tires, automotive accessories and other divergent products.

In the 1970s Carlisle pioneered rubber sheet roofing. Using highly engineered formulation and processing techniques to produce synthetic rubber sheets capable of competing with traditional roofing materials. This established Carlisle as a formidable player in both the new and replacement roof markets. This was the genesis of what today is Carlisle Constructions Materials. In the 1980s Carlisle acquired a company that manufactured compression-molded plastic and melamine dinnerware, and later a company that manufactured foodservice equipment and supplies, which was the beginning of what today is Carlisle FoodService Products.

So the beginnings of Carlisle Companies Inc. can be traced to 1917 when the company was dedicated to rubber products for transportation, later to be augmented by the acquisition of several wheel manufacturers in the 1990s to become known as Carlisle Tire & Wheel Company. In 2001, Carlisle purchased a manufacturer of transmission belts for industrial applications and, together with Carlisle Tire & Wheel, was the formed what today is known as Carlisle Transportation Products.

History of acquisitions[edit]

  • 01/17 San Jamar foodservice and dispenser company
  • 10/05 ArvinMeritor Equipment for the manufacture of off-highway braking systems
  • 07/05 Zhejiang Kete Heavy-duty brake linings and brake shoes
  • 07/04 Trintex Corporation Semi-pneumatic tires and wheels for lawn and garden and industrial markets
  • 06/03 Flo-Pac Manufacturer of brooms, brushes and cleaning tools
  • 10/02 MiraDri Waterproofing solutions for commercial and residential applications
  • 08/01 Dayco Power Transmission Rubber belts and accessories for industrial power transmission applications
  • 03/01 Connecting Devices,Inc. Designer and manufacturer of RF/microwave connectors and cable assemblies
  • 03/01 Wincanton Engineering Ltd. Cheese processing equipment for the European market
  • 01/01 EcoStar, Inc. Manufacturer of premium steep-slope roofing products
  • 01/01 Stork Friesland Evaporators and spray dryers for milk powder plants in the dairy and food processing industries.
  • 01/01 Paramount Plastics Injection molded automotive components
  • 01/01 Scheffers Equipment for dairy powder manufacturing
  • 09/00 Red River Mfg. Manufacturer of custom trailers & related paving apparatus for highway construction & trailers for other hauling industries
  • 07/00 Bontech Engineering Supplier of drying technology and plants to the feed, food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries
  • 07/00 Zimmer Corp. Evaporators that process milk, whey and their by-products; also specializes in the design of high-temperature, aseptic food processing & dairy wastewater systems.
  • 06/00 UniTrek Company Specialty cable assemblies sold to OEM's in the wireless communications & electronic test & measurement markets
  • 05/00 Process Controls Engineering Software & Control Systems for Cheese, Dairy, Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • 04/00 Titan Consumer Products Division OEM & aftermarket tires & wheels for lawn & garden, ATV & light-duty trailer markets[1]
  • 04/00 Extract Technologies Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Systems
  • 04/00 Dura-Ware, Inc. Commercial cookware & servingware
  • 02/00 Damrow Global equipment supplier of cheese-making systems
  • 01/00 DynAir, Inc. HVAC air duct accessories
  • 12/99 CRAGAR Industries, Inc. Specialty steel-based wheels
  • 12/99 Marko International, Inc. Manufacturer of table coverings, table skirtings & accessories
  • 11/99 Innovative Engineering, Ltd. Equipment supplier for cheese-making systems
  • 06/99 Johnson Truck Bodies Fiberglass custom truck bodies for foodservice distribution
  • 01/99 Global Manufacturers Stamped steel wheels for OEM & styled steel wheels for automotive aftermarket
  • 10/98 Industrial Tire Products Tire & wheel assemblies for the off-highway replacement market
  • 09/98 Quality Microwave Interconnects Precision cable assemblies
  • 03/98 Vermont Electromagnetics Specialty coaxial cable assemblies & connectors
  • 01/98 Hardcast Europe Adhesive & sealing products for European roofing, building & industrial tape markets
  • 12/97 Zimmerman Brush Co. Industrial brushes for janitorial & sanitation markets
  • 08/97 Tilden Corporation OEM lawn & garden tires & wheels
  • 07/97 Conestoga Co. Canadian lawn & garden, trailer & agricultural OEM specialty wheels
  • 07/97 Wheeltech Specialty wheel manufacturer
  • 05/97 Neilson Wheel OEM lawn & garden wheels & tires
  • 04/97 Overland Brakes Spring brakes used on air braked trucks, trailers & buses
  • 02/97 Sun Coast Industries Melamine dinnerware
  • 10/96 Hartstone Ceramic tableware, cookware & decorative kitchenware
  • 10/96 Engineered Plastics Division of Johnson Controls Plastic products for automobile exteriors
  • 08/96 Scherping Systems Cheese processing equipment
  • 03/96 Intero/Unique Steel & aluminum rims & wheels for auto & trailer aftermarket
  • 02/96 Insul-Foam Inc. Roofing products & fleeceback technology
  • 10/95 Walker Stainless Equipment Stainless steel tanks for transportation of liquids & in-plant processing
  • 09/95 Ti-Brook Dump bodies for trailers
  • 06/95 Trail King Specialized equipment trailers
  • 03/95 Thunderline Corporation Precision rubber products for transportation markets
  • 01/95 Sparta Brush Specialized brushes & cleaning tools
  • 06/94 Quaker Construction Products Commercial waterproofing & deck products
  • 03/93 Goodyear Roofing Systems EPDM commercial roofing products
  • 01/93 ECI Building Components Metal roofing & panels
  • 10/92 Altec Remanufactured heavy-duty brake shoes
  • 09/91 SiLite Incorporated Foodservice permanentware
  • 08/90 Brookpark Plastics Non-proprietary compression molded products
  • 08/90 BF Goodrich Off-Highway Braking Systems Dry disc brakes, valves & other components
  • 11/89 Roofers Supply Inc. Distributor of roofing supplies
  • 06/89 National Friction Products Specialty friction products for industrial applications

Joint venture and equity investments[edit]

  • 07/00 Moodyparts Joint venture with Moody PLC to distribute OEM and alternative spare parts to dairy and related process industries
  • 06/00 Icopal a/s Investment in a leading European roofing systems producer
  • 03/00 Beijing Carlisle Waterproofing Single-ply roofing systems for the Chinese market
  • 02/99 Shanghai Carlisle Stainless Equipment Fabricated stainless steel products for the Chinese food, dairy & pharmaceutical markets
  • 11/98 Prism Technologies Automotive components
  • 03/98 Hunter Panels Manufacturer of premium steep-slope roofing products
  • 12/97 Lander-Carlisle Engineered automotive components
  • 11/93 Carlisle Leasing International Worldwide leasing of ISO refrigerated containers
  • 01/92 Pagid-Carlisle, S.A. Manufacturer of custom trailers & related paving apparatus for highway construction & trailers for other hauling industries
  • 09/91 Jolly Tone-Carlisle Acrylic giftware for U.S. distribution
  • 08/90 Japan Power Brake Off-highway braking systems for Japanese markets

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