Carlo Marangoni

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Carlo Marangoni
Born (1840-04-29)29 April 1840
Pavia, Italy
Died 14 April 1925(1925-04-14) (aged 84)
Florence, Italy
Nationality Italy
Fields Physicist
Institutions Liceo Dante, Florence
Alma mater Università degli Studi di Pavia
Doctoral advisor Giovanni Cantoni
Known for fluids, capillary, surface tension

Carlo Giuseppe Matteo Marangoni (29 April 1840 – 14 April 1925) was an Italian physicist.

Marangoni graduated in 1865 from the University of Pavia under the supervision of Giovanni Cantoni with a dissertation entitled "Sull' espansione delle gocce liquide" ("On the spreading of liquid droplets").

He then moved to Florence where he first worked at the "Museo di Fisica" (1866) and later at the Liceo Dante (1870), where he held the position of High School Physics Teacher for 45 years until retirement in 1916.

He primarily studied surface phenomena in liquids, and the Marangoni effect and the Marangoni number are named after him. He also contributed to meteorology and invented a Nefoscopio to observe clouds.

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