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Carlo Tognoli (born 16 June 1938) was an Italian politician, who was Mayor of Milan and minister of the Italian republic.


Tognoli was born at Milan and entered the Italian Socialist Party (Partito Socialista Italian, or PSI) in 1958.

Elected into the Italian Chamber of Deputies, he was also Mayor of Milan from 1976 to 1986. In 1984–1987 he was also elected into the European Parliament; in the latter year he was appointed as Minister of Problems of Urban Areas in the cabinets of Giovanni Goria and Ciriaco De Mita. Later he was Minister of Tourism and Spectacles in the 6th and 7th Andreotti governments.

In 1992 he was involved in the Tangentopoli scandal together with his fellow party colleague Paolo Pillitteri (who had been his successor as mayor of Milan). He subsequently abandoned the political activity and in 1995 he obtained a position in Mediobanca thanks to the intercession of Enrico Cuccia[1]


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