Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra

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Ustra in 2013.

Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈkaʁlws awˈbɛʁtw bɾˈjʎɐ̃t(ʃ)j ˈustɾɐ]; 28 July 1932 – 15 October 2015) was a colonel in the Brazilian Army.

Born in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Ustra was the head of the DOI-CODI an investigation division of the Second Army from 1970 to 1974. He became known by the codename Dr. Tibiriçá. While head of DOI-CODI Col. Ustra 47 people officially died, although further investigation attributed to the division 502 kills under his administration.

In 2008, Ustra became the first military official to be recognized, by a civil court in São Paulo, as a torturer during the dictatorship. He continued to be politically active in military clubs, in defense of the military dictatorship and anticommunist critics.[1]

He died at age 83 on 15 October 2015 of pneumonia caused by multiple organ failure after several weeks in hospital in Brasília.[2]


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