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Carlos Azevedo (29 March 1949 – 26 October 2012) was a Portuguese composer and pianist.[1]



Having studied composition with Jorge Peixinho, he was a classical 20th-century composer. He was also a jazz pianist and composer.

While he was a teacher and director of the Jazz School at the Hot Club of Portugal, he taught many. Among others, he has been accompanied on stage by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (Oscar winner for the “Best Original Score in 2005), Steve Potts, Carlos Alberto Augusto, Paleka and Maria João.

He performed in a variety of Festivals such as the Bruges Jazz Festival in Belgium. An inspired melodist and intriguing harmonizer, his musical style was based on the fusion of several musical idioms and in this domain his work with traditional fado forms and improvised music is particularly unique and relevant.


He was an award winning composer. He won a “Gold Leopard” Award for Best Original Score in Lucerne, Switzerland for the film “Zefiro”, a film by José Alvaro Morais

His music has also won 1st prize on various occasions for original score with other films and for other works such as Marcha da Bica (Bica March) in the Lisbon summer festivity called “Santos Populares, marchas de Stº António”.


He founded various schools for the study of music and gave numerous workshops all over Portugal.

He worked with João Courinha, Guida Almeida, photographer Miguel Valle de Figueiredo, and stage director / producer Andrej Kowalski. He wrote music on a regular basis for the theatre, cinema, and for most of the groups in which he played.


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