Carlos Cardona

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Carlos Cardona
Born Carlos Alberto Cardona Ospina
(1974-03-07) 7 March 1974 (age 43)
Pereira, Colombia
Residence Miami, United States
Occupation Entrepreneur

Carlos Cardona (born 7 March 1974) is a Colombian internet entrepreneur best known for his Web 1.0 star-up Yupi Internet. He started his first company at the age of 18. His company went on to raise US $150 million from venture capitalists including Sony, Comcast and News Corp. Later sold to a joint venture between Microsoft and Telmex after the Dot-com bubble crash.

Internet entrepreneur[edit]

  • Founder of several start-ups including Yupi Internet ( (later sold to Microsoft / Telmex) Now[1]
  • Co-Founder of Welltok Inc

Professional recognition[edit]

  • Carlos Cardona, influential Hispanic for 2000 -[2]
  • Received both 1999 and 2000 Hispanic Entrepreneur Award “100 Most Influential Hispanics” by Hispanic Magazine, sponsored by IBM.[3]
  • Need an Internet Expert for Y2K? Carlos Cardona, Founder and CTO of[4]
  • Newsweek: Critical Mas: 20 For 2000[5]
  • Newsweek: Latin U.S.A.: How Young Hispanics Are Changing America[6]
  • Carlos Slim (Telmex) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) buy *Spanish[7]
  • Microsoft Press: Microsoft and Telmex Joint Venture, T1msn, to Acquire Yupi Internet[8]
  • Microsoft Press: Getting in the Head of 26,000 YupiMSN Users[9]
  • Microsoft Press: YupiMSN Introduces MSN Explorer in Spanish[10]
  • New York Times: Business; "What they are reading"[11]


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