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Carlos Dorrien (born 1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an American sculptor of Mexican descent. He studied at Montserrat School of Visual Art (now Montserrat College of Art) and at Massachusetts College of Art.[1] He later joined the faculty of Wellesley College, where he has taught for many years.

Dorrien specializes in public art installations, creating large-sized abstract sculptures in granite that are often inspired by ancient history, architecture, archaeological ruins, and human figures. They are often designed to be placed in nature. His work is scattered throughout New England, including the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts, Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, South Boston Maritime Park, Harvard Square, MBTA Alewife station, Lowell, and several other locations in the greater Boston area; most recently, at the Stamford Courthouse in Stamford, Connecticut.[2][3]

Partial list of works[edit]


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