Carlos Ezeta

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Carlos Ezeta
Carlos Ezeta.jpg
President of El Salvador
In office
22 June 1890 – 9 June 1894
Vice PresidentAntonio Ezeta
Preceded byFrancisco Menéndez
Succeeded byRafael Antonio Gutiérrez
Personal details
Born14 June 1852
San Salvador
Died21 March 1903
Monterrey, Mexico

Carlos Basilio Ezeta (14 June 1852 – 21 March 1903) was President of El Salvador from 22 June 1890 – 9 June 1894. He was a military ruler. He died on March 21, 1903, aged 50.

Early life[edit]

Ezeta was born in San Salvador on June 14, 1852[1].

Presidency, 1890–1894[edit]

On June 22, 1890, Ezeta travelled to the White House of the Incumbent President, General Francisco Menéndez, and started an uprising that overthrew Menendéz. Menendéz died soon after this. On March 1, 1891, Ezeta formally took office as the President of El Salvador.[2]

Ezeta oversaw El Salvador's relative political stability at a time when the neighboring republics of Honduras and Guatemala were at war, but he soon lost favour with the landowners and was overthrown in another coup on June 9, 1894 by Rafael Antonio Gutiérrez with assistance from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras.[3] He fled to Panama, and then travelled to Europe as there was a warrant for his death; he then returned to Central America and then settled in Mazatlan, Mexico, where he died on March 21, 1903, aged 50.[4] His remains are buried at Angela Peralta Cemetery of this city.


Political offices
Preceded by
Francisco Menéndez
President of El Salvador
Succeeded by
Rafael Antonio Gutiérrez