Carlos Ruspoli, 3rd Duke of Alcudia and Sueca

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Carlos Ruspoli y Álvarez de Toledo
Arme famiglia Ruspoli di Roma.jpg
Born 1 March 1858
Madrid, Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931).svg Spain
Died 10 November 1936
Madrid, Flag of Spain (1931 - 1939).svg Spain

1st María del Carmen Caro y Caro

2nd Josefa Pardo y Manuel de Villena
Family House of Ruspoli

Don Carlos Luis (Carlo Luigi) Ruspoli y Álvarez de Toledo, de Godoy (di Bassano) y Silva-Bazán, dei Principi Ruspoli (Madrid, 1 March 1858 – assassinated in the Spanish Civil War in Madrid, 10 November 1936) was an Italian and Spanish aristocrat, son of Adolfo Ruspoli y Godoy, 2nd Duke of Alcudia, and wife Dona Rosalia Álvarez de Toledo y Silva-Bazán, de Palafox-Portocarrero y Téllez-Girón.

He was 3rd Duke of Sueca (Letter of 31 March 1887), 3rd Duke of Alcudia (Letter of 25 February 1915), with a Coat of Arms of de Godoy, and 17th Count of Chinchón with a Coat of Arms of de Borbón (Letter of 31 March 1887), three times Grandee of Spain First Class and 4th Count of Évoramonte in Portugal de Juro e Herdade with Honours of Relative both in succession of his father,[1] Senator of the Realm by his own right, etc.

Marriages and children[edit]

He married firstly at San Sebastián, on 5 December 1896, his cousin Doña María del Carmen Caro y Caro, Álvarez de Toledo y Gomurcio (Madrid, 18 May 1856/1865 – Madrid, 24 April 1907), daughter of Don Carlos Caro y Álvarez de Toledo, de Salas y Palafox, Count of Caltavuturo and wife and cousin Doña María de la Encarnación Caro y Gomurcio, Caro y Ugarte-Barrientos, both of the Dukes of Montalto, Marquisses of La Romana, etc., descendants of Pedro Caro y Sureda, 3rd marqués de La Romana, and had three children:

He married secondly in Madrid, 2 July 1911 Doña Josefa Pardo y Manuel de Villena (Madrid, 13 February 1869 – ?), widow of don José de Agrella y ..., ... y ..., daughter of Don Arturo Pardo y de Inchausti, ... y ..., 9th Consort Count of Via Manuel Grandee of Spain First Class, Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, maestrante of Zaragoza, and wife Dona María Isabel Manuel de Villena y Álvarez de las Asturias-Bohórques, de Bambalere y Guiráldez, 9th Countess of Via Manuel, 13th Marchioness of Rafal, Marchioness of Puebla de Rocamora, Countess of la Granja, 5th Baroness of Monte Villena, Grandee of Spain First Class, without issue.

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