Carlos de Morais Camisão

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Colonel Camisão.

Carlos de Morais Camisão (8 May 1821 – 29 May 1867) was a Brazilian colonel of the Paraguayan War. He was one of the leaders of Laguna, with Alfredo d'Escragnolle Taunay. He took command of the Brazilian force counter-attacking the Paraguayan invasion during the Mato Grosso Campaign, but died of cholera during the retreat.[1]:69–70


He was born in Rio de Janeiro and died in Jardim.


  • He was a "Cavaleiro da Ordem de Cristo" (Knight of the Order of Christ), since 21 January 1849.
  • He was a "Cavaleiro Imperial da Ordem da Rosa" (Emperor Knight of the Order of the Rose), since 16 March 1849.
  • He was a "Cavaleiro da Ordem de São Bento de Avis" (Knight of the Order of Aviz), since 10 July 1860.


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