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Carlton Select
Launched1 June 1995; 24 years ago (1995-06-01)
Closed1 March 2000; 19 years ago (2000-03-01)
Owned byCarlton Television
(subdivision of
Carlton Communications plc)
Formerly calledSelecTV (1995–97)
Availability (at time of closure)
ONdigitalChannel 35
CableChannel 7

Carlton Select was a British digital television channel, owned by Carlton Television. It was originally launched in June 1995 as SelecTV before being purchased by Carlton in 1997 who relaunched it as Carlton Select.

On 14 February 1997, after SelecTV was rebranded, Carlton Select branded itself as "The UK's leading entertainment cable channel". Together with quiz shows, films and comedies, the channel brought viewers a wide-ranging choice of high quality programming.

The channel was also available via satellite in Africa, on the South African DStv service.


This channel was the result of a purchase by Pearson Television of production company, SelecTV for the value of £5.2m in 1996. SelecTV ran a cable-only channel of the same name since June 1995 and whose roots stretch as far back as the mid-80s. SelecTV was rebranded as Carlton Select on 14 February 1997.

The channel broadcast on weekdays from 17:00 to 01:00 and at weekends from 17:00 to 02:00. The other hours were devoted to Carlton Food Network, which timeshared each other.

The future of the channel was being considered internally as early as mid-1999,[1] and Carlton Select was eventually closed down on 1 March 2000.[2][3]


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