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Carlton World
Launched 15 November 1998 (1998-11-15)
Closed 1 February 2000 (2000-02-01)
Owned by Carlton Television
(subdivision of Carlton Communications plc)
Availability (At time of closure)
ITV Digital Channel 34

Carlton World was a British digital television channel, launched in November 1998 and closed down in early 2000. Its sister channels were Carlton Kids, Carlton Food Network, Carlton Select and Carlton Cinema. It was carried on cable and ITV Digital channel 34, and timeshared with Carlton Kids and RAW!.


Carlton World showed the majority of entertainment programmes produced or commissioned by Carlton and its merged companies, including Central Independent Television and Westcountry Television, however, it was not unusual for programmes from other ITV network companies to be featured on the channel. The channel also broadcast factual programming. It was carried on both analogue and digital cable prior to ONdigital's launch.


Carlton World, along with Carlton Kids, were both closed in 2000 due to poor viewership and financial difficulties. On Carlton's television platform, ITV Digital, the capacity was replaced by a timeshare of Discovery Kids and Discovery Wings.

Carlton Communications has since merged with Granada plc and has formed ITV plc. Programming from Carlton World has been absorbed into ITV plc's Digital Channels.

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