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Karen Drogin
Born July 7, 1965
New York
Pen name Carly Phillips
Occupation novelist
Nationality United States
Period 1998-present
Genre romance

"Carly Phillips" is the pen name which novelist Karen Drogin (born July 7, 1965 in New York) has used as her by-line for over twenty-three best-selling contemporary romance novels that she has written. According to, her net-site, Drogin is a former attorney who was unhappy with her practice of law.


  • Waldenbooks Bestselling Author Award
  • Oklahoma Romance Writers of America National Readers' Choice Award
  • Virginia Romance Writers of America's Holt Medallion
  • Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America Booksellers' Best
  • Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence


Simply series[edit]

  • Simply Sinful(2000)
  • Simply Scandalous(2000)
  • Simply Sensual(2001)
  • Body Heat(2001)
  • Simply Sexy(2002)

Hot zone series[edit]

  • Hot Stuff(2004)
  • Hot Number(2005)
  • Hot Item(2006)
  • Hot Property(June 24, 2008) (last of the "Hot Zone" Series)[1]

Stand alone novels[edit]

  • Brazen (1999)
  • Secret Fantasy (2001)
  • Erotic Invitation (2001)
  • Seduce Me (2008) (reprint of Erotic Invitation)

Corwin curse series[edit]

  • Lucky Charm (October 2008)
  • Lucky Streak (June 2009)
  • Lucky Break (September 2009)

Costas sister series[edit]

  • Under the Boardwalk (2004)
  • Summer Lovin' (2005)

Ty & Hunter series[edit]

  • Cross My Heart (2006)
  • Sealed With A Kiss (2007)

Chandler brothers series[edit]

  • The Bachelor (2002)
  • The Playboy (2003)
  • The Heartbreaker (2003)

Written As Karen Drogin[edit]

  • Perfect Partners (1999)
  • The Right Choice (2000)
  • Solitary Man (2000)

The Bachelor Blog Series[edit]

  • Kiss Me If You Can ( 2010)
  • Love Me If You Dare (2010)


  • Serendipity (2011)
  • Destiny (2012)
  • Karma (2012)
  • Kismet (novella)

Dare to Love Series[edit]

  • Dare to Love (2013)
  • Dare to Desire (2014)
  • Dare to Surrender (2014)(New York Dare Cousin's)
  • Dare to Submit (2014)(New York Dared Cousin's)
  • Dare to Touch (2015)
  • Dare to Hold (2015)
  • Dare to Rock (2015)
  • Dare to Seduce (2015)(New York Dare Cousin's)
  • Dare to Take (May 3, 2016 on Google Play)


  • Dare to Want
  • Dare to Pleasure
  • Dare to Dream


  • Naughty or Nice? (2001) (with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Patricia Ryan and Kathryn Smith)
  • Invitations to Seduction (2003) (with Janelle Denison and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
  • Stroke of Midnight (2004) (with Jacquie D'Alessandro, Janelle Denison)
  • Skin Tight / Hot Number (2005) (with Susan Andersen)
  • Undone: Going All the Way / Her Secret Thrill / Good Time Girl (2005) (with Donna Kauffman and Candace Schuler)
  • Santa, Baby (2006) (with Jennifer Cruise, Lori Foster)

Internet meme[edit]

Starting in 2011 an internet meme featuring a picture of Phillips spread online called the Sheltering Suburban Mom;[2] the captions on the image typically illustrated the perceived out-of-touch double standards suburban mothers hold against their children or their peers. Phillips herself was initially unaware of the meme itself; when it was first brought to her attention she claims to have been distressed, thinking it was about herself, not the archetype; she came to understand the joke now and claims she is nothing like the supposed suburban mothers.[2]


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