Carmópolis de Minas

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Carmópolis de Minas is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.


The name "Carmópolis" (City of Carmel) honors its patron Our Lady of Carmel and refers to Mount Carmel by its mountainous topography.

The primitive inhabitants of the region were the Indian Carijós, Goianazes and Cataguás. Around the year of 1700, the region received its first white, bandeirantes paulistas and Portuguese, in the hinterland demand Goias. Continuing on their adventure, they would have left few remaining white care of farming, to ensure the supply for the return. Years later, the back, found the place already developed and has been offered to them bread, manufactured with wheat planting site. In 1807 began the construction of the Church, by Father Dominic da Costa Guimarães. The town has been developing slowly, and in 1862 became the end of the village of Oliveira, will remain so until their emancipation in 1948, coming to receive the name of Carmópolis of Mines.

It was four sites in the city, where they are found petroglyphs s - rocks from the period of prehistory, which contain inscriptions engraved on its surface.


Coordinates: 20°33′S 44°38′W / 20.550°S 44.633°W / -20.550; -44.633