Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now

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Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now
European cover art
European cover art
Developer(s) Stainless Games
Publisher(s) Sales Curve Interactive (Europe)
Interplay Entertainment (North America)
Stainless Games (Steam Version)
Composer(s) Iron Maiden
Series Carmageddon
Engine Blazing Renderer
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Release Windows
Mac OS
Genre(s) Vehicular combat, racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now is a vehicular combat video game, the sequel to Carmageddon, and released in 1998. The game was developed by Stainless Games and published by Sales Curve Interactive in Europe and Interplay Entertainment in North America. It has been released for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


On the starting grid of the first level (Windows version)

Like its predecessor, Carmageddon II was subject to criticism for the level of violence portrayed in the game. It is rated 15+ by ELSPA. In some countries, the pedestrians (and animals) are zombies, and blood is turned to green slime: In Germany, aliens replaced the pedestrians. Internet-released 'blood patches' restore the original human pedestrians. The blood pack was later released in the United Kingdom in 1999, earning the game an 18 certificate.

Carmageddon II was one of the few racing games at the time to feature deformable models on its cars, making for more realistic dents and crashes. In fact, the player's car can even be bent in half, leaving the player to drive with only the front wheels on the ground. The car can also be sheared in half, causing retirement from the race if the damage is not repaired before the vehicle touches the ground.

As with Carmageddon, there are 3 ways to finish most levels:

  • Complete the race, passing every checkpoint before the time runs out
  • Destroy all the opponents
  • Kill every zombie/pedestrian in the level

As the player progresses through the game, sets of levels are gradually unlocked (10 in total), each consisting of 3 standard "Race, Wreck, or Wreak havoc among the zombie/pedestrian hordes/populace" levels, followed by a mission. Each mission has specific tasks that must be completed before unlocking the next set.

The time limit in the game is generous, and the player can kill pedestrians, crash into opponents, or do tricks to gain time as well.


Aggregate score
Review scores
AllGame4/5 stars (PC)[2]
4/5 stars (MAC)[3]
Game RevolutionB+[4]
PC Gamer (UK)84%[7]
PC Gamer (US)83%[8]
PC Zone95%[9]

The PC version received "favorable" reviews according to video game review aggregator GameRankings.[1]


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