Carmel Christian School, Bristol

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Carmel Christian School
Location Bristol
Website Carmel Academy

Carmel Christian School is an independent school in Brislington, Bristol, England[1] founded in 2000.[2] It has a Christian basis, and provides an all-through education, encompassing pre-school and secondary school. The Bible College[3] (for those aged 16+) and a Leadership Academy are not part of the School but are part of the same ministry of Carmel.

An OFSTED report in 2009 found the school to be providing an inadequate education for its pupils[4] but a followup in 2010 found improvement.[2]

The school was featured in a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary entitled "In God's Name" as an example of a new breed of fundamentalist Christian schools brought in following the schooling reforms under the Premiership of Tony Blair. The school uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum[5] which teaches creationism as scientific fact.[6]


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