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Carmel Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil was established in 1922 by the then Roman Catholic Bishop of Quilon, Aloysious Benzigar as a middle school. The school was first started as an English School. After the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kottar was formed, the first Bishop of Kottar Lawrence Pereira uplifted this school and brought to a status of high school in 1936.

According to the regulations of the Directorate of School Education, the school was given permanent recognition as per the regulation No 1952/Z117 of 04-12-1934.

The school was managed by the Brothers of Charity from England from 1936 to 1946. From 1947 to 1950, Salesians of Don Bosco managed the school. From 1950, the school came back to the hands of the Diocese of Kottar. From June 1959, Jesuits from Madurai province took the control and managed the school. This period was really the Golden Era in the history of Carmel Higher Secondary School. In the school reached the mile stone of, upgradation to Higher Secondary School status. Between June 1986 and June 1994, the school was again under the control of Salesians of Don Bosco. From July 1994, Jesuits from Madurai Province took control over the school.[1]


The plan was undertaken by Aloysius Maria Benziger OCD (Kollam), to open an English School together with a boarding institution for the use of Catholics of the Southern and Tamil-speaking portion of the Diocese. The scheme was decided on in 1919 and a building 300 ft. long was accordingly put up at Ramanputur in the vicinity of Nagercoil. The solemn blessing of the new building was performed by Fr. Lucas O.C.D., the Prior General of the Carmelites in the year 1922.

The founder of the school, Aloysius Maria Benziger OCD is a Swiss-born Carmelite of the Belgian province. He was in Carmel Hill, Trivandrum from 1905 to 1931. He conceived the idea of re-founding a Carmelite community in Goa during the third centenary of their martyrdom in 1938.

In 1922, the school started with the preparatory class and first form under the management of Bernard Gonsalvez, Antony Pereira BA, being the headmaster. In 1925 these were succeeded by Paul and Martin Fernandez. In 1925, it was a full Middle School with 120 students and 6 teachers on the rolls. The boarding had 40 students.

Today there is a statue of Jesus Christ in the entrance of the school. That location is the place where the inauguration function of the school is held. There was once a building which is demolished for the construction of Machado Lab during the year 2000. It was situated in front of the place where today’s canteen is located (in front of the Fr Machado Lab). It extended till the canteen. The two pillars in this picture were just beside the cycle stand of today. It was the 1st ever building of Carmel Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil. The rest of the buildings are built in the later years.

School Administrators[edit]

The school is currently run by the Jesuits of Madurai Province. Correspondent: P. S. Arul SJ Head Master: Stanislaus SJ Assistant Head Master: Arockia Dhas SJ

Warden, Fr Sahaya Wilfred (Ph: 98654 78900; Update as @ 28 June 2014: 02.07am: He took over as Hostel Warden on 1 June 2014:

Uniquely Carmel[edit]

Carmel Higher Secondary School (கார்மல் மேனிலைப் பள்ளி) is one of the premier educational institutions in Kanyaumari District. Founded in the 1920s as an English School in a hamlet called Ramanputhoor in Nagercoil, grew up with the blessings of nobles and the beneficiary alumni. Currently it is aided and recognized higher secondary school by the Government of Tamil Nadu and located in a sprawling lush green campus of around 50 acres.

The school is fondly called as "Carmel School" ("கார்மல் பள்ளி") by the public. The laurels obtained by this school illustrates the fame. The administration was handled by many congregations in various parts of the timeline. Currently, the school is administered by the Society of Jesus, Madurai Province.

Apart from merely coaching the students with curriculum, this school strongly believes in building good character through self-discipline, facilitated by various activities and organizations like NCC, NSS, Scouts, Junior Red Cross, LASAC and many more. The school is winning the overall championships for sports every year.

Amidst immense fame, Carmel does a lot to charity. The poor students' school fees are waived, the morning meal scheme, charity works with the collaboration of Carmel Alumni Association etc., speak out how Carmel strives hard in uplifting the lifestyle of the deprived class. Carmelites act with unique characteristics and success is the only result obtained by them in various sectors. Carmelites are found in every part of the globe holding higher positions in Government as well as in the private sectors. This school is being administered by L. Francis Xavier.

Carmel School, the icon of disciplined education, continues serving Kanyakumari District with its own dedication and care. This school has produced many state level and district level rank holders in SSLC and Plus two examinations every year. It has produced many dignitories in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Civil Services, Business, Management, Armed Forces etc.[2]

Carmel NCC[edit]

Troop No 501, NCC Army wing was started in the year 1999 by the then Head Master of Carmel Higher Secondary School A. Maria Sigamony. An able administrator, foresighted visionary, Best Teacher awardee given by Govt of TN and illustrious Jesuit. Along with him, S. Ignatius SJ, the then Rector of Carmel Higher Secondary School supported the cause and showered with his blessings. A troop of 100 cadets was initiated by M. Arul Rajan as the care taker.

M. Arul Rajan is currently a BT Assistant with Carmel Higher Secondary School and serving as a First Officer. He is a 'C' Certificate holder and has undergone two Officer Cadet Refresher Training programmes Conducted at Kamptee, Nagpur. He is indeed a Good teacher for Carmel students and one of the best Officer Cadets in 11 TN BN. Under his training, 5 cadets in 4 consecutive years have participated in the Republic Day March Past at Rajpath, NewDelhi and met the various dignitories like the President of India, Prime Minister of India, Cabinet Ministers of Home and Defence Ministries, Chiefs of various defence staff, Governor of Tamil Nadu and other officials from the political hierarchy of the Republic of India. Many cadets have attended the Republic Day Camps, launch camps for RDC, National Level Trekking Camps, National Integration Camps, Advanced Leadership Camps, Inter Unit Competition Camps and many Combined Annual Training Camps every year.

So far, State Government Scholarship was won by 40 cadets, Cadet Welfare Society Scholarship by 12 cadets, Best Cadet Award by 7 cadets and SAHARA scholarship by 7 cadets. Apart from the scholarships, many shields and trophies in the displayed in the Carmel School NCC Unit Office illustrates the dedication and laurels of its cadets as invaluable assets.

The NCC unit is currently celebrating 15th year for the excellence in serving the nation. It is producing dozens of responsible, loyal citizens every year. Many of the passed out cadets are excellently serving in various fields like Education, Science, Management, Engineering & Technology. One of our alumni NCC Lt.Geoffrey Roche.R has got the noble profession in the Indian Army on 2013.The contribution of the former cadets from this unit is becoming remarkable nowadays. The victory flag of Troop No 501, Carmel Higher Secondary School flies high all over the globe.[3]

RDC Camp, New Delhi[edit]

Attending Republic Day Camp is one of the top most achievements by any NCC cadet. This troop selected for this camp comprises both school college students. Within 15 years from start, NCC troop of Carmel has got 7 cadets witnessing the Republic Day Camp at New Delhi. SGT. Jeya Augus Prabhu (2004), SGT. Millord Singh(2005), SGT. Ajin Bosco(2006), SGT. P. Raj Kapil(2006),SGT. Varun Selvan(2008),SGT.A.Stany Janvel and SGT.V.P.Aboth Hillar were the legends who made these milestones possible.NCC troop of Carmel has got 2 cadets witnessing Thal Sainik Camp at NEW DELHI [4]


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