Carmen Batanero

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Carmen Batanero
Academic background
EducationDoctorate in Mathematics
Alma materUniversity of Granada
Academic work
DisciplineStatistics, Mathematics

Carmen Batanero is a Spanish statistics educator, and a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at the University of Granada, Spain.[1] She is known as an advocate for statistics education.[2] Batanero is a lifetime member of the International Association for Statistical Education, and served as the association's president from 2001 to 2003.[3] She has co-authored many scholarly articles in the fields of mathematics and statistics education over the past two decades, and is credited on two statistics textbooks.[4] Her contributions rank her as one of the most influential researchers at her institution.[5] Dr. Batanero obtained her doctorate from the University of Granada in 1983, with the thesis paper Modelos de choque y exposición intermitente a riesgo de fallo.[6]


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