Carmen București

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Carmen București
FC Carmen Bucuresti.png
Full name Carmen București
Short name Carmen
  • 1937; 80 years ago (1937)
  • 2017; 0 years ago (2017)

Carmen București is a Romanian football club based in Bucharest.

It was originally established in 1937 by businessman Dumitru Mociorniță, but the club suddenly disappeared only ten years later when it was dissolved by the Communist Government. In 2017, Carmen București was refounded and introduced in the Liga V, the fifth tier of the Romanian football league system.[1]


Carmen, which originally took the name of its owner, started to play in Liga III but when Liga I was reorganised after the war gained a place in the top league, as the team incorporated few of the best-known players at the time.

During the break of the 1946–47 season, at which end Carmen was runner-up, the team was ordered by the Government to play a friendly game against FC Dinamo Tbilisi, a Soviet team, after being also advised to "lose", as the game was supposed to be communist propaganda. Mociorniţă, which by the way was a well-known anti-communist, accepted the game but refused to "lose".

The situation was not forgotten by the authorities and in the summer of 1947, just one week before the start of the 1947–48 season, the team was refused its place in Liga I and immediately dissolved.





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