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El Carmen District is the first distrito of San José Canton in Costa Rica, and one of the four administrative units that form San José city proper. This district is not heavily populated although it is a busy downtown area in daytime.[1]

Geography and demography[edit]

El Carmen District lies in the north of the San José Canton. It is surrounded by other districts (going clockwise): Goicoechea Canton (north) and Montes de Oca Canton (east) from San José Province. The District borders other districts of San José Canton, Catedral District (south) and Merced District (west).[2]

El Carmen is 1.49 km² in area and had 4,004 inhabitants on December 31, 2008 (2,687.25 inhabitants per km².) [1]

District Information[edit]

This district comprises several barrios or neighbourhoods, such as Barrio Amón, Barrio Aranjuez, part of Barrio La California, El Carmen, El Empalme, Barrio Escalante and Barrio Otoya. Between its boundaries there are many important institutions and buildings, including government, health and culture.


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Coordinates: 9°54′N 84°09′W / 9.9°N 84.15°W / 9.9; -84.15