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Carmen Magallón (2017).

Carmen Magallón-Portolés is a PhD, a physicist, and Master in Philosophy of Science by University of Zaragoza, Spain, committed with the advancement of women through researching their contributions to two important fields: science and peace.[1][2] Her thinking is an important reference in the Spanish studies of Women in Science[3] and Feminist Pacifism.[4]

In 2011 she was elected President of WILPF Spain, the Spanish section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.[5] In September 2013, the Martin Luther King Institute of the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI), in the celebration of its 20th anniversary awarded her the Order of Peace Martin Luther King: "for her outstanding contribution to the development of women's rights, the feminist thought and the construction of a culture of peace in the world". At the ceremony, Dr. Magallón presented the keynote: "Universalize female legacies, build a civilizatory rationality: steps towards a culture of peace"[6]

Women contributions to science and peace

The recovery of the history of women, their experiences and their knowledge is a must for building a gender equality. In particular, it is important to deepen the knowledge of Women in science. Much of the literature on this subject comes from the Anglo-Saxon world. This article wants to add the perspective of women scientists in Spain, through the writings published by Carmen Magallón,[7]


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