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Carmine David Goglia (born September 18, 1952) is a scenic painter in the film industry.


Carmine graduated in 1970 from John Burroughs High School, Burbank, California. He attended UCLA art school.


He began his career in the entertainment industry in 1975 where he began working at Marineland for Disney on Parade.

His first work on a feature film was Rocky (1976) starring Sylvester Stallone. Carmine was put in charge of painting the locker that Rocky had taken away from him, at the Main Street gym filming location in Los Angeles (interior for Mighty Micks Gym).

Hollywood Walk of Fame[edit]

In 1983 Carmine approached the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with an innovated artwork ‘work form’ concept to symbolize the World Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and for presentation to the celebrities at each Walk of Fame Star induction ceremony. Prior to his innovation, inducted celebrities were either given only a small-engraved plaque or nothing at all.[1]

At that time, the Hollywood Chamber directors Johnny Grant and Bill Welsh immediately fell in love with the “NEW” representation of Hollywood. After creating various depictions of exactly what would work for the prestigious ceremony, the Chamber signed an exclusive contract with Carmine to recreate the Walk of Fame star for the Hollywood Chamber in perpetuity.

His company “Gift of Fame Enterprises”[2] has provided a lift to the revitalization of Hollywood with thousands of gratified customers as well as the many charities to whom he has donated.

Filmography as scenic painter[edit]


His father was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Casapulla, Italy. His mother was a New York native whose parents were from Grumo Apulla, Italy.

He is married to Susan Stokey and is the father of actress Juliette Goglia[4]


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