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Carmine Guida

Carmine T. Guida is a New York City-based, nationally recognized[1] musician, teacher and performer.[2] He is also a programmer and creator of online games and apps.[3][4]


Guida is known primarily for teaching the doumbek,[5] however also plays several other instruments professionally: oud, cumbus, riq, bass guitar, guitar and mandolin. He appears on the Beginners Guide To Bellydance [Box set] released by UK label Nascente,[6] and is described by ethnomusicologist Eric Bernard Ederer as a well-known Cumbus player alongside Steve Vai.[7][8]

Guida was voted favorite musician in the New Jersey Belly Dancing Peoples' Choice awards.[9] His performances on doumbek have also been favorably reviewed.[10][11][12] Jareeda magazine said of his drumming on a Pangia CD (on which he provided all of the drum solos) "Pangia CDs have ... killer drums solos...".[13] His production, as well as musicianship of the Turkish Band Camp All-Stars CD, was also praised[14]

He has also appeared in the movie Mixed Signals.[15]


Carmine Guida

Guida was a computer scientist who was CEO of web page development company Team5,[16] when he decided that his time was better spent as a full-time musician.

Carmine's first instrument was the Bass Guitar. He was inspired by groups like Rush and entertained audiences with his slap bass stylings, which were made popular by groups like Primus. Carmine started performing in front of live audiences at his local Church, St. Rose of Lima in Massapequa New York.[17]


Carmine T. Guida has had hundreds of performances inside and outside of the US. He performs in New York City with Middle East meets Brooklyn fusion band Djinn.[18] Their debut album, "The Middle East Side", was favorably reviewed by The Chronicles.[19] Guida has also performed with New York City-based progressive rock band Pain Hertz. Carmine also performs monthly on Long Island with traditional bellydance music band Baharat.


Partial discography[edit]

Artist Album Release Date Instruments Comments
Paige23 Let Yourself Fall[20] 01/07/2002 Bass Guitar, Mandolin and Djembe Paige23's second release (the first featuring Carmine T. Guida).
Carmine T. Guida Not Alone 01/01/2003 Acoustic Guitar
Efendi Live at Le Figaro 09/01/2003 Bass Doumbek
Pain Hertz jam #4[21] 09/20/2004 Bass guitar
Carmine and Friend Flute and doumbek jam[22] 10/12/2004 Doumbek
Paige23 In Retrospect[23] 02/01/2005 Bass Guitar Paige23's third release.
Pangia Volume 3[24] 03/01/2005 Doumbek, Bass Doumbek, Riq
ShakeEmUp Bellydance Drum Solos[25] 10/14/2005 Doumbek Guida's first release of music for bellydancing.
Pangia Volume 4 - Dreams[26] 03/01/2006 Doumbek, Bass Doumbek, Riq
Djinn The Middle East Side[27] 10/01/2006 Cümbüs, Riq Middle Eastern fusion group Djinn's first release.
Melissa and Carmine Simplified Middle Eastern Songs for Learning and Practice Volume 1[28] 03/01/2007 Doumbek
Pangia Volume 5 - West of East[29] 03/01/2007 Doumbek, Bass Doumbek, Riq
Melissa and Carmine Simplified Middle Eastern Songs for Learning and Practice Volume 2[30] 07/01/2007 Doumbek
Pete List Songs For Kassar[31] 10/01/2007 Oud, Kanun also features Rob Mastrianni[32]
Djinn The Silent D[33] 5/01/2009 Cümbüs, Riq Djinn's second release.
Pain Hertz Creative Differences[34] 01/25/2010 Bass guitar features on bonus jam


Title Release Date Instrument Information
Mixed Signals[35] 2001 Brief acting part as a Band Member.
The Heartbeat of Bellydance 08/14/2005 Bass Doumbek The end of this DVD features a live performance by Jenna, Raquy Danziger and Carmine T. Guida.
ShakeEmUp: Bellydance Drum Solos 10/14/2005 Doumbek A performance DVD featuring bellydancers with live percussion.
01/16/2007 Doumbek The end of this DVD features a performance by Sarah Skinner with live drumming by Carmine T. Guida, Brad Mack and Pete List.
Baby Beginner Doumbek Workshop 10/01/2007 Doumbek Guida's first instructional DVD.
Begintermediate Doumbek Workshop 07/20/2009 Doumbek Guida's second instructional DVD.

Music licensing[edit]

Music by Paige23[36]

  • Ed - NBC TV
  • Medium - NBC TV

Music by Carmine Guida

  • Back to the Beginning - ABC TV

Music by Djinn

  • Secrets of the Sistine - ABC TV
  • Adventures of an Incurable Optimist - ABC TV
  • Gothic Bellydance Revelations - World Dance New York DVD
  • Sensual Bellydance - World Dance New York DVD
  • Belly Dance With Jim Boz - Jim Boz CD
  • No Reservations (Istanbul episodes) - Travel Channel[37][38]
  • Back to the Beginning - ABC TV

Music from Shake Em Up

  • Pop, Lock and Shimmy - Cheeky Girls Productions DVD
  • Killer Ziller - Cheeky Girls Productions DVD

Music from Pangia

  • American Belly Dance Legends - Amaya Productions DVD

Music from Dorku

  • Music of Turkey: Cultural Crossroads - Carnegie Hall Instructional sheet music/CD

Games and Apps[edit]

Guida has created apps and games for Apple and Android and is developing a game for the OUYA console.[39][40][41] Guida is developing his multi-player space game Quintet for OUYA in response to requests by backers of a fundraising campaign that supported his development for Android.[42] Guida has also developed a free Unity3D tool Dreamlo, which allows users to store and access data on an online database using HTTP requests.


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