Carmo Planetarium

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Carmo Planetarium
Planetário do Carmo - by Lucas.JPG
Carmo Planetarium
LocationSão Paulo
Coordinates23°34′37″S 46°27′34″W / 23.5769°S 46.45948°W / -23.5769; -46.45948Coordinates: 23°34′37″S 46°27′34″W / 23.5769°S 46.45948°W / -23.5769; -46.45948

Carmo Planetarium (Portuguese: Planetário do Carmo) is a planetarium in Parque do Carmo, eastern São Paulo, Brazil.[1] It is part of the Open University of the Environment and Culture of Peace (UMAPAZ), and opened on 30 November 2005.[2] It is one of three planetaria in São Paulo, the others being Professor Aristóteles Orsini Planetarium[3] and the Johannes Kepler Planetarium at Sabina Escola Parque do Conhecimento.


A view of the planetarium

The 1,750 square metres (18,800 sq ft) building has a projection dome that is 10 metres (33 ft) high and 20 metres (66 ft) diameter, with 230 reclining seats, and projection by a Carl Zeiss AG Universarium VIII, which uses 9,000 optical fibres and 109 lenses to portray the night sky.[2] There is also a 70-seat classroom, reading space, and a lobby with exhibitions. Two telescopes are located on a terrace behind the planetarium.[2] The planetarium building cost R$11 million to construct, and the projector cost R$5 million to purchase.[4]

The planetarium is located at 137 John Speers Street. Several bus routes pass near to the planetarium.[2] It hosts pre-booked school visits on weekdays, and is open to the public on weekends and some weekdays during school holidays.[2]


The planetarium closed in 2007[3] due to structural problems[5] arising from infiltration,[6] and fungi was discovered on the lens of the projector in 2010.[4] The observation area reopened in 2012, before closing again in January 2013 due to a water leak.[7] The planetarium reopened on 8 May 2016,[8] after repairs costing R$1.2 million.[6] It reopened with revised management, and a branch of the astrophysics school (which is primarily located at the other planetarium in São Paulo).[5]


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