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The Carnahan family is a prominent political family from Missouri.[1][2][3] Members of the family have served in the United States House of Representatives, in the United States Senate and in various state offices in Missouri. Notable members of the family include:

  • A. S. J. Carnahan, former Congressman (1949–1961), father of Mel Carnahan
  • Mel Carnahan, former Governor of Missouri (1993–2000), son of A. S. J. Carnahan, husband of Jean Carnahan
  • Jean Carnahan, former United States Senator (2001–2002), Mel's widow
  • Russ Carnahan, former Congressman from Missouri (2005–2013), Mel and Jean's son
  • Robin Carnahan, Missouri Secretary of State (2005–2013), Mel and Jean's daughter
  • Tom Carnahan, Mel and Jean's son


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