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Carnaval is a Slovenian alternative rock/metal group. The band claims to be an alternative stoner rock blues funk metal band.

Formation and direction[edit]

Carnaval was formed in Ljubljana in 2004 as Pinocchio Pinchball, more than a year later they renamed to Carnaval. From the early beginnings in 2003, still as a part of music collective Pussyfinger they were strongly influenced by the bands of the nineties stoner rock and grunge scenes. Later they developed their own sound that broke out from the stoner rock and grunge frame and they successfully blended in blues rock, funk rock elements,[1] as well as metal heaviness to their more powerful tunes with occasional trips to new wave and punk rock. The vocals are distinctively crisp, clean and bring a calm element to the very varied, mostly heavy music which makes an interesting dynamic musical blend.[2]

The lyrics (all in English) touch on different subjects, from strong personal lyrics, love lyrics, to completely social/political songs which have strong and clear messages.[3]

Carnaval have always openly been against publishing and various copyright systems in Slovenia and have supported DIY scene and Creative Commons.


Carnaval have released three studio albums, all of which were self-released and completely self-financed from gigs and merchandise sales. They all have been critically acclaimed, mostly the last effort "Tennis Football Basketball" (2012). Carnaval also appeared on two compilations called "Burn the Street Vol. 5" (2005, Daredevil Records, Germany) and "Klubski maraton 07" (2007, Radio Študent, Ljubljana). Over the years Caranaval have built a relatively small but strong following in Slovenia where they already hold a cult status as one of the pioneers and most original bands in the underground (alternative) scene.


"2" (2009)
"1" (2010)
"Tennis Football Basketball" (2012)
"Big Fish" (2016)

Demos and Compilations[edit]

"Knez Atula" (Demo 2004 as Pinocchio Pinchball)
"Burn the Street Vol. 5" (2005 as Pinocchio Pinchball)
"Slap in Your Face" (Demo 2005)
"Klubski maraton 2007" (2007)

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