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For the American art award, see: Carnegie Prize
Heikki Marila, winner of First Prize, 2012

The Carnegie Art Award was a Swedish art award event established in 1998 by Swedish financial group Carnegie Investment Bank to recognize and promote Nordic contemporary painting and artists. With a total prize sum of SEK 2.1m, the Carnegie Art Award was one of the world’s largest art awards.[1]

The event took place every second year from 2003 to 2014 and consisted of four parts: an exhibition on tour in all Nordic countries, a book and a film presenting the artists and their work, and the awards proper to the three winning artists. Further, one young artist was awarded a scholarship.

In order to participate, artists had to be born or live in one of the Nordic countries. They could then be nominated by one of about 30 professionals in the field of contemporary art. A jury then selected the works to be included in the exhibition and the award winners.


Year First Prize SEK 1,000,000 Second Prize SEK 600,000 Third Prize SEK 400,000 Scholarship SEK 100,000
1998 Ulrik Samuelsson,  Sweden Torsten Andersson,  Sweden Jussi Niva,  Finland
1999 Rolf Hansson,  Sweden Silja Rantanen,  Finland Clay Ketter,  Sweden Tal R,  Denmark
2000 Mari Slaattelid,  Norway Hreinn Friðfinnsson,  Iceland Petri Hytönen,  Finland John Kørner,  Denmark
2001 Jan Håfström,  Sweden Carolus Enckell,  Finland Johan Scott,  Finland Jens Fänge,  Sweden
2002 Troels Wörsel,  Denmark Lena Cronqvist,  Sweden Tal R,  Denmark David Svensson,  Sweden
2004 Anette H. Flensburg,  Denmark Olav Christopher Jenssen,  Norway Elina Brotherus,  Finland
2006 Karin Mamma Andersson,  Sweden Eggert Pétursson,  Iceland Petra Lindholm,  Finland Sirous Namazi,  Sweden
2008 Torsten Andersson,  Sweden Jesper Just,  Denmark John Kørner,  Denmark Nathalie Djurberg,  Sweden
2010 Kristján Guðmundsson,  Iceland Kristina Jansson,  Sweden Felix Gmelin,  Sweden Marie Søndergaard Lolk,  Denmark
2012 Heikki Marila,  Finland Ann Edholm,  Sweden Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen,  Denmark Klara Lidén,  Sweden
2014 Dag Erik Elgin,  Norway Sophie Tottie,  Sweden A Kassen,  Denmark Davið Örn Halldórsson,  Iceland


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