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The College of Fine Arts Building

The Carnegie Mellon School of Art at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a degree-granting institution and a division of the Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. It offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in four major fields: Painting, Drawing, Print Media and Printmaking (PD3); Electronic and Time-Based Media (ETB); Sculpture, Installation and Site Specific work (SIS); and Contextual Practices (CP). The school emphasizes Postmodern, conceptual, and abstract art making ahead of classical training, though this varies largely depending on faculty.

Most faculty members are working professionals that continue to exhibit work at major venues and galleries. The School of Art also runs a weekly lecture series which invites art professionals to speak at the school. Notable recent guests have included Marina Abramović, Andrea Fraser, Steve Kurtz, Sadie Benning, Mona Hatoum and Paul Chan.


The Bachelors requires two years of foundation studio courses in various media from painting and woodworking to video editing and metal casting. The first four semesters also demand art history and general breadth courses. By the junior year, undergraduate students are finally allowed to select advanced courses categorized under the different media types (PD3, ETB, SIS, CP). Completing 6 studio courses under a particular media counts as a concentration in that medium. Students must complete either a self-generated year-long project or series of projects in their senior year.

The School of Art also includes a highly ranked Masters program. Only 6 applicants are admitted yearly.

In addition, The School of Art teams with other academic departments within Carnegie Mellon to offer joint degrees: Bachelor of Humanities & Arts (B.H.A.), Bachelor of Science & Arts (B.S.A.), and the Bachelor of Computer Science & Art (B.C.S.A.). These interdisciplinary degrees demand credits from two chosen majors (one from the College of Fine Arts and one from another department).


Most classes taught in the Art program are held in classrooms on the 3rd floor of the College of Fine Arts Building.[1] The Art School office is also located on this floor. Sculpture classes are typically held in the C and B levels of Doherty basement, which feature the Art School's metalshop, woodshop, and printing studio.

The Carnegie Mellon School of Art benefits from the surrounding Pittsburgh art scene, which includes museums like the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Museum. Students can also cross-register for classes offered at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, as well as through the University of Pittsburgh's extensive Art History program.


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