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Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie Science Center.jpg
Carnegie Science Center is located in Pennsylvania
Carnegie Science Center
Location of Carnegie Science Center in Pennsylvania.
Established October 24, 1939
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 40°26′44″N 80°01′05″W / 40.445614°N 80.018181°W / 40.445614; -80.018181

The Carnegie Science Center, located in the Chateau[1] neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, opened in 1991.[2]

With a history that dates to October 24, 1939, the Carnegie Science Center is the most visited museum in Pittsburgh. Among its attractions are the newly constructed Buhl Digital Dome (which features the latest in projection), the Rangos Omnimax Theater, the Miniature Railroad & Village, the USS Requin (a World War II submarine) and roboworld, touted as "the world's largest permanent robotics exhibit" with more than 30 interactive displays featuring "all things robotic", including the first physical home for Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Hall of Fame.

Under the leadership of Robert Wilburn, Buhl Science Center merged with the Carnegie Institute and a new $40 million Carnegie Science Center was constructed.[3]


Roboworld at the Carnegie Science Center.

Roboworld is an exhibit at The Carnegie Science Center, which is touted as "the world's largest permanent robotics exhibit" with more than 30 interactive displays featuring "all things robotic". It features the Robot Hall Of Fame.

Roboworld is the first floor exhibit. The entrance also features a robot named Andy, The Robothespian. The exhibits show different types of robots and videos of other types of robots and the Robot Hall Of Fame.

The Robot Hall of Fame features robots from different Science fiction films such as R2-D2, C-3PO, Rob The Robot, Robot B-9, HAL 9000, Gort, Maschinenmensch, and Dewey.

E-motion cone[edit]

The E-motion cone is a white-colored, inverted cone which sits atop the Science Center building. At night, it is lit with different colors, signalling the weather forecast for the coming day.[4][5]

     Red    –     Warmer
     Green  –     No change
     Blue   –     Cooler
      <flashing>    –    Precipitation
      Yellow        –    Severe weather

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