Carnival (1921 film)

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Directed by Harley Knoles
Written by H.C.M. Hardinge (play)
Matheson Lang (play)
Rosina Henley
Adrian Johnson
Starring Matheson Lang
Ivor Novello
Hilda Bayley
Clifford Grey
Cinematography Philip Hatkin
Distributed by Alliance Film Corporation
Release date
26 June 1921 (US)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Carnival is a 1921 British silent drama film directed by Harley Knoles and starring Matheson Lang, Ivor Novello and Hilda Bayley.[1] During a production of Shakespeare's Othello in Venice an Italian actor suspects his wife of having an affair and plans to murder her on stage. It was based on a stage play of the year before of which Matheson Lang was one of the writers.[2] The film was a popular success, and was re-released the following year. It was remade as a sound film Carnival in 1931 directed by Herbert Wilcox.[3]

The film's plot closely resembles that of the USA film of 1947 A Double Life, supposedly an original creation of Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, for which actor Ronald Colman won his Oscar.



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