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The Carnival Road March is the musical composition played most often at the "judging points" along the parade route during Carnival. Originating as part of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the term has been applied to other Caribbean carnivals.

In Trinidad and Tobago the Road March title has been given out in every year since 1932 (with the exception of years affected by World War II when Carnival did not take place). Scoring is based upon a rank-and-points system devised by a Carnival committee before the start of the parade. The Road March title is among the most prestigious in Trinidad Carnival. The most such titles have gone to the Mighty Sparrow and Machel Montano with eight wins, Super Blue, with nine wins, and the late Lord Kitchener, with ten. In the mid-1970s, women entered the calypso men' s oriented arena. Calypso Rose was the first female to win the Trinidad Road March competition in 1977 with her song "Gimme More Tempo". The following year with "Come Leh We Jam" she won the "Calypso King " competition, the first time a woman had received the award. The competition's title was changed to Calypso Monarch in her honour.

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Year Artiste Song Album
2017 Ultimate Rejects featuring MX Prime "Full Extreme"
2016 Machel Montano "Waiting on the Stage" Monk Evolution
2015 Machel Montano "Like Ah Boss" Monk Monte
2014 Machel Montano "Ministry of Road (MOR)" Happiest Man Alive
2013 Superblue "Fantastic Friday"
2012 Machel Montano "Pump Yuh Flag" Double M
2011 Machel Montano "Advantage" The Return
2010 JW & Blaze "Palance"[1]
2009 Fay-Ann Lyons "Meet Super Blue"
2008 Fay-Ann Lyons "Get On"
2007 Machel Montano "Jumbie" Book of Angels
2006 Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts "Band of De Year" B.O.D.Y.
2005 Shurwayne Winchester "Dead or Alive"
2004 Shurwayne Winchester "Look De Band Comin'"
2003 Fay-Ann Lyons "Display"
2002 Naya George "Trinidad"
2001 Shadow aka Mighty Shadow "Stranger"
2000(TIE) Superblue / Iwer George "Pump Up" / "Carnival Come Back Again"
1999 Sanelle Dempster "River"
1998 Wayne Rodriguez "Footsteps" Charge
1997 Machel Montano "Big Truck" Heavy Duty
1996 Nigel Lewis "Movin'"
1995 Super Blue "Signal to Lara"
1994 Preacher "Jump and Wave"
1993 Super Blue "Bacchanal Time"
1992 Super Blue "Jab Jab"
1991 Super Blue (formerly Blue Boy) "Get Something and Wave"
1990 Tambu "We Ain't Going Home"
1989 Tambu "Free Up"
1988 Tambu "This Party Is It"
1987 Mighty Duke "Thunder"
1986 David Rudder "Bahia Girl"
1985 Crazy "Soucoyant"
1984 Sparrow "Doh Back Back"
1983 Blue Boy "Rebecca"
1982 Penguin "Deputy"
1981 Blue Boy "Ethel"
1980 Blue Boy "Soca Baptist"
1979 Poser "A Tell She (Smoke Ah Watty)"
1978 Calypso Rose "Come leh we Jam"
1977 Calypso Rose "Tempo"
1976 Kitchener "Flag Woman"
1975 Kitchener "Tribute to Winston Spree"
1974 Shadow "Bass Man"
1973 Kitchener "Rainorama"
1972 Sparrow "Drunk and Disorderly"
1971 Kitchener "Madison Square Garden"
1970 Kitchener "Margie"
1969 Sparrow "Sa Sa Yea"
1968 Kitchener "Miss Tourist"
1967 Kitchener "Sixty Seven"
1966 Sparrow "Obeah Wedding"
1965 Kitchener "My Pussin"
1964 Kitchener "This is Mas"
1963 Kitchener "The Road"
1962 Blakie "Maria"
1961 Sparrow "Royal Jail"
1960 Sparrow "Mae Mae"
1959 Caruso "Run the Gunslingers"
1958 Sparrow "Pay As You Earn"
1957 Lord Christo / Nap Hepburn "Chicken Chest" / "Doctor Nelson" Two competitions
1956 Sparrow "Jean and Dinah"
1955 Obernkirchen Children's Choir "The Happy Wanderer" (Pop song) German
1954 Blakie "Steel Band Clash"
1953 Vivian Comma / Spit Fire "Madeline Oye" / "Bow Wow Wow" Two competitions
1952 Spit Fire "Post, Post Another Letter For Thelma"
1951 Terror "Tiny Davis"
1950 Killer "In a Calabash"
1949 Wonder "Ramgoat Baptism"
1948 Lord Melody "Canaan Barrow"
1947 King Pharaoh "Portuguese Dance (Vishki Vashki Voo)"
1946 Kitchener "Jump in the Line"
1945 World War II (No Official Carnival): Lion "All Day All Night, Mary-Ann"
1944 World War II (No Official Carnival):King Radio "Brown Skin Girl"
1943 World War II (No Official Carnival): Invader "Rum & Coca Cola"
1942 World War II (No Official Carnival): Kitchener "Lai Fook Lee"
1941 Lion "Whoopsin Whoopsin"
1940 Beginner "Run Yuh Run"
1939 King Radio "Mathilda"
1938 Lion "No Norah Darling"
1937 Lion "Netty Netty"
1936 Lion "Advantage Could Never Done"
1935 Lion "Dingolay Oy"
1934 Railway Douglas "After Johnny Drink Me Rum"
1933 King Radio "Wash Pan Wash"
1932 King Radio "Tiger Tom Play Tiger Cat"
1931 King Houdini "Mr. Huggins"
1930 Inveigler "Captain Ciprini"

Antigua and Barbuda[edit]

Year Artist Song Album
2017 ClaudettePeters "Out Deh"
2016 Tian Winter "In De Middle"
2015 Boasta "Ole time Something"
2014 Menace "Fete Me Ah Fete"
2013 Ezzy Rattigan "Golden Cup"
2012 Burning Flames "Kick Een She Back Door"
2011 Hard Knaxx "KFC (Kentucky)"
2010 Burning Flames "Bullbud"
2009 Red Hot Flames "Trademark"
2008 Red Hot Flames "Musical Bomb"
2007 Burning Flames "Papi"
2006 Red Hot Flames "Trouble"
2005 Burning Flames "De Harder Dey Come"
2004 Burning Flames "Road Rage"
2003 Burning Flames "Rush"
2002 Wanskie "More Gyal"
2001 High Intensity "Ole Time Something"
2000 Calypso Jim "Exercise"
1999 Burning Flames "I Command You"
1998 Burning Flames "Sweet Song"
1997 Burning Flames "Crazy Man"
1996 Burning Flames "Fire Unda Me Foot"
1995 Burning Flames "Gym Jam"
1994 Vision Band ft Eddie Mello "Dress Back"
1993 Burning Flames "Wet Down De Place"
1992 Burning Flames "Donkey"
1991 Burning Flames "Piece of Iron"
1990 Burning Flames "Congo Man"
1989 Burning Flames "Workey Workey"
1988 Lion "Bad Girl"
1987 Short Shirt "J'Ouvert Rhythm"
1986 Burning Flames "Rudeness Mek Me"
1985 Burning Flames "Stylie Tight"
1984 Swallow "Satan"
1983 Swallow "Tight Mass"
1982 Short Shirt "Push"
1981 Redding "Up and Jumping"
1980 Short Shirt "Summer Festival"
1979 Short Shirt "Kangaroo Jam"
1978 Short Shirt "Benna Music"
1977 La Tumba "Supa Jam"
1976 Short Shirt "Tourist Leggo"
1975 Swallow "Shake and Break You Bam Bam"
1974 Short Shirt "Lucinda"
1973 Swallow "Push Ya, Push Dy"
1972 Swallow "Pow Pow"
1971 Razor Blade "Shake You Waist"
1970 Calypso Joe "Bum Bum"


Year Performer Song Album
2017 Stiffy "Tip & Ben Ova"
2016 Lil Rick "Iz A Bajan"
2015 Peter Ram "All Ah We" Get Soca 2016
2014 Lead Pipe & Saddis "Ah Feeling"
2013 Soca Kartel "Roll It"
2012 Mikey "We Loose"
2011 Edwin Yearwood "Cova de Road"
2010 Blood "Foot On Fire"
2009 Edwin Yearwood "In Da Middle Of Da Road"
2008 Edwin Yearwood "Handle Yah Business"
2007 Mr Dale "Soka Junkie"
2006 Jabae "Flames"
2005 Natahlee & Shontelle "Colours"
2004 Mikey "Come Together"
2003 Lil' Rick "Mash Up & Buy Back"
2002 Lil' Rick "Hypa Dogg"
2001 Krosfyah "Sak Pase"
2000 Rupee "Jump"
1999 Red Plastic Bag "Volcano"
1998 Grynner "Grind Them"
1997 (TIE) Alison Hinds / Edwin Yearwood "In The Meantime" / "Highway Robbery"
1996 Alison Hinds "Raggamuffin"
1995 Edwin Yearwood "Obadele"
1994 Serenader "Juck Fuh Juck"
1993 Ras Iley "Inez"
1992 De Great Carew "Mad Woman Jam"
1991 Madd[disambiguation needed] "Tribute To Grynner"
1990 Grynner "Get Out The Way"
1989 Grynner "Leggo I Hand"
1988 Grynner "Wait For Me"
1987 Red Plastic Bag "Can't Find Me Brudda"
1986 Ras Iley "Spring Garden On Fire"
1985 Grynner "More Grynner"
1984 Grynner "Stinging Bees"
1983 Grynner "Mr T"
1982 Mighty Gabby "Jack"
1981 Adonijah "Ethiopian Rock"
1980 Viper "Ting Tong"
1979 Mighty Gabby "Burn Mister Harding"

St. Lucia[edit]

Invader has won the Road March in St. Lucia seven times. In a period from 1970-1972 and again from 1974-1976, Road March winners were imported from Trinidad and Tobago.

Year Artiste Song Album
2016 Mac 11 "Padnas"
2015 Ricky T & Superman HD "Perfect Storm"
2014 J Mouse "Hurt It"
2013 Ricky T "Mass Attack"
2012 Soca Syco "Gallop"
2011 Ricky T "Mad Ting"
2010 DJ HP "Pa Mele”
2009 Ricky T "Like a Jumbie"
2008 Ricky T "Wheel & Come Again"
2007 Ricky T "Pressure Boom"
2006 [Tie] Ricky T/Vertex Band "Bring Your Container"/My Pressure Up
2005 Nicole David "Queen of the Jungle (Bounce)"
2004 Alpha "Down De Road"
2003 X Man "Pee Pee In Me Poo Poo"
2002 Invader "Bo Bee Wia Wea"
2001 Invader "Be Le Lesh"
2000 Rootsy "Hillary"
1999 Invader "Take My Money"
1998 Jaunty "Military Jam"
1997 Twop Chance "Hospital Burning"
1996 Jaunty "Bobolist'"
1995 Jaunty "We Shall Hop"
1994 Stylist Black "Okay Okay"
1993 Jaunty "Oh La Lay"
1992 Invader "Vievxe Nomme Sa La"
1991 [Tie] Invader/Buffalo "Wine Down William Peter"/”Manje”
1990 Translator "Ninja"
1989 Educator "Calypso Tyson"
1988 Chippy "One Bad Prick"
1987 Inspector Red "Zodi Zodi"
1986 Ashanti "Sufferer’s Song"
1985 Invader "Carnal Knowledge"
1984 Shakey "Twavay Mwen Vle"
1983 Invader "Yellow Man"
1982 Get Through "What De People Chanting"
1981 Educator "Mon Kon Arrow"
1980 Jackson "Guy Love Dance"
1979 Barrie "Sailor In The Band”
1978 Pelay "Sweet Suzette"
1977 Prince "Doh Smoke Dope"
1973 Desper "Popham ‘72"
1969 Pelay "Jump, Jump, Jump"

St. Vincent[edit]

Year Performer Song Album
2017 Problem Child "Never Bow"
2016 Hypa 4000 "No Behaviour"
2015 Hypa 4000 "Dutty Dancing"
2014 Fireman Hooper "Unruly"
2013 Skinny Fabulous "The General"
2012 Fya Empress "Rum Please"
2011 Gao "The Sheep
2010 Maddzart "The King Road"
2009 Problem Child "Mad House"
2008 Icon "Two Knees"
2007 Problem Child "Party Animal"
2006 Jamesy P & Skarpyon "Leave Me Alone"
2005 DJ Twenty & Poorsah "Googa Googa"
2004 Bomani "I Am Soca"
2003 Poorsah "Sling Shot"
2002 Poorsah "Chook It”
2001 Poorsah "Hairy Bank"
2000 Touch "Take Away"
1999 Becket "Small Pin"
1998 Becket "Tone Up"
1997 Rebels Rumping
1996 New Direction "Rudeness on the Road"
1995 Touch "Macco"
1994 Touch "Butt"
1993 Touch "Kangaroo"
1992 Touch "Puss Man"
1991 Touch "Move Yo Front"
1990 Becket "Teaser"
1989 Touch "Jam Dem"
1988 Poorsah "Mouth in Me Moma"
1987 Becket "Ten Years"
1986 Becket "Ah Want Soca"
1985 Becket "Tone"
1984 Man CP "Rhythm Colour"
1983 Poorsah "Right Up In Dey"
1982 Short Shirt "Push"
1981 Asterisks "Yuh Can’t Wine"
1980 Becket "Cocoa"
1978 Becket "Wine Down Kingstown"
1977 Mighty Gringo "Don’t Lock Me Up"
1976 King Brooklyn "Largo Heights Busy Heights"
1975 Mighty Gringo "Leggo Me Hand"
1974 Mighty Toiler "The Puppy"
1973 Lord Hawke "Ding Dong"
1972 Lord Hawke "Oupane"
1971 Lord Hawke "Sweeeter That This"

Saint Kitts and Nevis[edit]

Year Performer Song Album
2015 Small Axe Band "Pepper Dem"
2014 Small Axe Band "Bottoms in de Road"
2013 Small Axe Band "We Got De Hardware"
2012 Small Axe Band "Do The DCH"
2011 Grand Masters "None a Dem (Step Pon Dem)"
2010 King Konris "Unstoppable Force"
2009 Grand Masters "Bust U Bubble"
2008 Grand Masters "A Want Whale"
2007 Grand Masters "Boom Boom Bam"
2006 Small Axe Band "Masquerade"
2005 Nu Vybes "Ting Lang"
2004 Grand Masters "Money Wutt"
2003 Small Axe Band "Watch De Creep Up"
2002 Nu Vybes "Step Up"
2001 Nu Vybes "Sugar"
2000 Small Axe Band "Shub Back On De"
1999 Grand Masters "Millenium Jam"
1998 Grand Masters "Masters' Massive"
1997 Nu Vybes "Street Style"
1996 Nu Vybes "Hand Signal"
1995 Pungwa "Stranded Night"
1994 A U Brown "Fan Me"
1992 Ellie Matt "Jump"
1991 Mic Stokes "All Kinda Tings"
1990 Small Axe "Pan Man"
1989 Small Axe "Who is De Dan"
1988 Small Axe "Big League"
1987 Grand Masters "Masters' Jam"
1986 De Coach/ Contender "De Boops"/ "Living in De Band"
1985 Mic Stokes "One Shot Man"
1984 Shango "Chin Chin Bar"
1982 Ellie Matt "Patsy"
1981 Starshield "Hooray Mass"
1980 Ranger "Seven Day Mass"
1979 Ellie Matt "Tune for De Children"
1978 Ellie Matt "Sugar City Jam"
1977 Ellie Matt "Shang Shang"
1976 Ellie Matt "Jam Back"
1975 Arrow "Rummy Song"
1974 Mark the First "Come Forward"
1973 Ellie Matt "All Day, All Night"
1972 Controller "Right On"
1971 Sundar Popo "Play You"

Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands[edit]

The Jam Band, formerly Eddie and the Movements has won the Road March Title a record 21 times.

Year Performer Song Album
2015 Spectrum Band "Left Right Stop Wukup"
2014 [Tie] Spectrum Band/Volume International XL "Manners"/"Recipe"
2013 Spectrum Band "Wake Up To Wuk Up"
2012 Spectrum Band "V.I. Party"
2011 Spectrum Band "Boom"
2010 Spectrum Band "Kallaloo"
2009 Jam Band "Sickness"
2008 JDPP Jammerz "Bedrock"
2007 JDPP Jammerz "Bunny Train"
2006 Whadablee "Steel Pan Comin Up Deh Road"
2005 Jam Band "How To Take De Road"
2004 Jam Band "Soldiers"
2003 Jam Band "Jockey"
2002 Alwyn Baptiste Jr and Pat Raguette of the Xpress Band "Happy Birthday Carnival"
2001 Jam Band "Tear Down De Roof"
2000 Jam Band "Inspection Lane"
1999 Jam Band "Iron"
1998 Whadablee "This One is for Milo"
1997 Jam Band "Road Runner"
1996 Jam Band "Time For Wuk"
1995 Jam Band "Man Terrible"
1994 Jam Band "Showtime"
1993 Jam Band "Possessed"
1992 Imaginations Brass "All Out Posse"
1991 Jam Band "Let Loose"
1990 Jam Band [Formerly Eddie and the Movements] "Horse Chip"
1989 Eddie and the Movements "We Run Things"
1988 Eddie and the Movements "Kool Um Down"
1987 Eddie and the Movements "Legal"
1986 Eddie and the Movements "Lamboushay"
1985 Eddie and the Movements "Pepper"
1984 Eddie and the Movements "Tramping Style"
1983 Mandingo Brass "Traffic Tight"
1982 Mandingo Brass "Off Man Jam"
1981 Eddie and the Movements "Backbone"
1980 Dread Ones "Hey Hey Hey"
1979 Mandingo Brass "Man For She"
1978 [Tie] Ellie Matt and the G.I. Brass/Mandingo Brass Shang Shang/Winey Eva Mae


Year Band/Artist Song Album
2015 Exodus HD "Hello" Thrillogy
2014 Exodus HD "Wash & Rinse" De Encore
2013 Exodus HD [Formerly Exodus Band] "For Di Fans Dem" For Di Fans Dem
2012 Pantha Vibes International "On De Road (My Riddim)"
2011 Pantha Vibes International "I Love PVI"
2010 Pantha Vibes International "Make It Rain"
2009 Exodus Band [Currently Exodus HD] "Cut Them Off"
2008 Pantha Vibes International "We want Action"
2007 Better Band "Keep Movin"
2006 Better Band "Jam-A-Robics"
2005 Better Band "Imagine"
2004 Better Band "Toss Up"
2003 Mussington Brothers "Dust Dem"
2002 Mussington Brothers "Dig Um"
2001 AXA Band "Caribbean Mass"
2000 Better Band "Misbehave"
1999 Better Band (Formerly Vito) "Soggy"
1998 Vito "Raise De Roof"
1997 AXA Band "On De Track"
1996  ?? "??"
1995 Mussington Brothers "J’ouvert Slammer"
1994 Mussington Brothers "Hold Ya Balance"
1993 Mussington Brothers "Jump Up Jam"
1992 Mussington Brothers "It’s A Business"
1991 Mussington Brothers "In De Valley"
1990 Lord Anything "Tired Bodies"

United Kingdom[edit]

Year Performer Song Album
2013 Soca Johnny Don't do That
2012 Chardanai "See Mi On The Road"
2011 Chardanai "Down Deh"
2010 Soca Johnny "Madness"

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