Carnley Harbour

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Carnley Harbour is north of Adams Island, the southern island

Carnley Harbour is a large natural harbour in the south of the Auckland Islands, a subantarctic part of the New Zealand Outlying Islands.[1] Formed from the drowned crater of an extinct volcano, the harbour separates the mainland of Auckland Island from the smaller Adams Island.[2] The harbour is sometimes referred to as the Adams Straits.

Carnley Harbour, looking eastward

The harbour is undeveloped (the Auckland Islands are uninhabited), and has three major arms: North Arm, Musgrave Bay, and Western Arm. Of these, the first two are deep indentations in the coast of Auckland Island; the last connects with Victoria Passage to form a channel separating Auckland and Adams Islands.


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Coordinates: 50°50′15″S 166°04′35″E / 50.8374°S 166.0763°E / -50.8374; 166.0763