Carol Anne Meehan

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Carol Anne Meehan
Television screen capture of Carol Anne Meehan, May 2003
Born December 17, 1956
Alma mater Ryerson University

Newsline 1989- 2015

Carol Anne Meehan Show

CJOH 1989-2015

1310 News 2016- Present
Style News anchor
Country Canada

Carol Anne Meehan (born December 17, 1956) is a news anchor formerly at CJOH.[1] Living in Manotick with her two children, she is a graduate of Ryerson University and began her career at CHRO in Pembroke, Ontario. In 1989, she began co-anchoring the CJOH evening news, then known as Newsline, alongside Max Keeping. She was laid off on November 17, 2015, by station owner Bell Media.


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