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Carole M. Cusack is an Australian historian of religion, specialising in Early Medieval Northwestern Europe, western esotericism, and trends in contemporary religion. Currently employed at the University of Sydney, she has published a number of books during her career. She has served as a mentor to Raphael Lataster, who is a prominent proponent of skeptical theories concerning God and Jesus of Nazareth.



Title Year Co-author(s) Publisher ISBN
Conversion Among the Germanic Peoples 1998 n/a Cassell (London)
This Immense Panorama: Studies in Honour of Eric J. Sharpe 1999 Peter Oldmeadow (edited volume) Sydney Studies in Religion 2
The End of Religions? Religion in an Age of Globalization 2001 Peter Oldmeadow (edited volume) Sydney Studies in Religion 4
Religion and Retributive Logic: Essays in Honour of Professor Garry W. Trompf 2010 Christopher H. Hartney (edited volume) Brill (Leiden)
Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction and Faith 2010 n/a Ashgate
The Sacred Tree: Ancient and Medieval Manifestations 2011 n/a Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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