Carol Matas

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Carol Matas
BornNovember 14, 1949
GenreChildren's literature

Carol Matas is a prominent Canadian writer, internationally recognized (born November 14, 1949) who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with studies in Linguistics and Drama. She has a vast university experience in the teaching of creative writing that has distinguished herself in this genre. She has been awarded multiple prizes for her works of children's and youth literature.


  • After the War
  • Cloning Miranda
  • The Second Clone
  • The Dark Clone
  • Of Two Minds (with Perry Nodelman)
  • More Minds (with Perry Nodelman)
  • Out of their Minds (with Perry Nodelman)
  • A Meeting of Minds (with Perry Nodelman)
  • The Freak
  • The Garden
  • Jesper
  • Kris's War (formerly Code Name Kris)
  • Lisa's War
  • Past Crimes (2007)
  • Sparks Fly Upward
  • Visions
  • The War Within
  • Daniel's Story
  • The Primrose Path
  • Footsteps in the Snow: The Red River Diary of Isobel Scott (part of Dear Canada series)
  • Turned Away: The World War II Diary of Devorah Bernstein (part of Dear Canada series)
  • A Season for Miracles: Twelve Tales of Christmas (contributor, part of Dear Canada series)
  • Pieces of the Past: The Holocaust Diary of Rose Rabinowitz (part of Dear Canada series)
  • A Time for Giving: Ten Tales of Christmas (contributor, part of Dear Canada series)
  • Behind Enemy Lines: World War II, Sam Frederiksen (part of I Am Canada series)

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