Carola Smit

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Carola Smit in 1984

Carola Sier-Smit (born September 1, 1963, Volendam) is a Dutch singer and, since March 25, 1984, a member of Dutch pop band BZN.

Carola began her musical career in 1980 (at age 17), when she joined the band Double Trouble. When she was with that band, she released her first single Never Loved This Way Before. In 1984, Carola released her second single – Tell Me – the band was renamed Friends. At the same time, she was asked to join BZN to replace previous member Anny Schilder. This change was, however, kept secret.[citation needed]

On April 20, 1987, Carola suffered a stroke, which left her paralysed down her right side. She showed some signs of improvement afterward, and therefore began a long period of rehabilitation. That same year on August 18, Carola appeared on television with BZN, and was back on stage from October 17. Before her illness, Carola performed gymnastics on a high amateur level for a long time, but her illness forced her to stop.[citation needed]