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Carolina is a feminine given name in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Galician, Dutch and French. Pronounced kah-ro-LEE-nah (Czech, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese), ker-ə-LIEN-ə (English), kar-ə-LIEN-ə (English). From the masculine name Carolus which is Latin for Charles (English), which generally means 'free man'[1][2] or 'freeholder'; however, ". Carolina" can also mean 'song of happiness or joy' from a French origin.[3]

Variations of the name[edit]

  • Carla (Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Galician)
  • Carol (English, Portuguese)
  • Caroline (English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian)
  • Carolyn (English)
  • Coraline (Latin)
  • Καρολίνα (Carolina or Karolina) (Greek)
  • Carolina (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, Swedish, Bulgarian)
  • Karol
  • Karolina (Polish, Lithuanian, Swedish, Czech (Karolína), Esperanto)
  • Karoliina (Finnish, Estonian)
  • Carola (German, Italian, Swedish, Galician)
  • Carlynn
  • Carolynn
  • Carry
  • Karleen (German)
  • Karlina (German)
  • Carlota (Spanish, Portuguese, Galician)
  • Carlotta (Italian)
  • Carly (English)

People with the name include[edit]

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