Carolina Biological Supply Company

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Carolina Biological Supply Company
Industry Science and Math Supplies
Founded 1927
Founder Dr. Thomas E. Powell, Jr
Headquarters Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Carolina Biological Supply Company is a supplier of science and math education materials to teachers, college professors, home-school educators, and professionals in health and science-related fields in the United States.


Carolina began in 1927 as the vision of Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr., a young geology and biology professor at Elon College (now Elon University). During the 1920s, science teachers had to collect most of the materials they used in their classes and laboratories, which took considerable time away from their primary responsibilities. Like other teachers, Dr. Powell was spending much of his own time in the field gathering specimens for his classes. Because he usually got more than he needed, he sold the surplus to his colleagues. Dr. Powell foresaw that the coming years would bring a growing need for his collecting abilities, and so Carolina Biological Supply Company was on its way. Dr. Powell’s vision of a company that would supply science materials to educational institutions around the world soon turned into reality.


Carolina staff work in partnership with educators and scientists to provide everything needed for science and also math education. The company sells thousands of items—from simple one-celled organisms to complex equipment—in an 1,100-page catalog. Carolina publishes its complete catalog online, and its Web site even provides free classroom activities and other resources for educators. The company’s main facility is in Burlington, NC.


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