Carolina Eyck

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Carolina Eyck
Carolina Eyck playing the theremin.jpg
Carolina Eyck playing the theremin
Background information
Born (1987-12-26) 26 December 1987 (age 30)
Near Berlin, Germany
Genres Classical, Electronic, Contemporary classical
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, author
Instruments Theremin, viola

Carolina Eyck born on December 26, 1987, is a German musician specialising in playing the Theremin, an electronic instrument. Her performances around the world have helped to promote the unusual music instrument.[1]


German-born musician and composer Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi.[2] After her debut in the Berlin Philharmonic, she has been invited to the Bohuslav Martinu International Music Festival in Basel, the Davos Festival (Switzerland), the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Großes Festspielhaus Salzburg (Austria), the Teatro Nacional Lisbon (Portugal) and the Palace of Arts Budapest (Hungary). She has given concerts in Poland, the Czech Republic,[3] Luxembourg, Sweden,[4] Finland,[5] Great Britain,[6] Italy,[7] Switzerland,[8] Austria, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Hungary, Pakistan,[9] Turkey[10] and the United States.[11] During her concert tours, Carolina is especially inspired by meeting other musicians and ensembles. She has collaborated with Heinz Holliger, Robert Kolinsky, Gerhard Oppitz, Andrey Boreyko, Michael Sanderling, Gürer Aykal, John Storgårds, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bern Symphony Orchestra, the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Brandenburg State Orchestra, the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra,[12] the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, the Heidelberg Symphonic Orchestra and the Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg. She was guest musician of the Hamburg Ballet performing "The Little Mermaid" by Lera Auerbach in Japan and San Francisco (USA).[13] In 2012, Carolina played the theremin solo at the world premiere of the two symphonies "Mesopotamia" and "Universe" by Fazil Say.[14] Finnish composer Kalevi Aho dedicated a theremin concert to Carolina which she performed for the first time in October 2012.[15]

Besides her engagements in the area of classical and contemporary music, Carolina loves improvising and composing. She was winner of the International Competition for Composers arranged by Radio/TV Berlin-Brandenburg in 2006.[16] Carolina published the first extensive theremin method book entitled "The Art of Playing the Theremin",[17] and has since conducted workshops, lectures and master classes worldwide. Since 2010 she is the artistic director of the Theremin Summer Academy in Colmar, France.[18]


She was winner of the International Competition for Composers arranged by Radio/TV Berlin-Brandenburg in 2006. In the same year Ms. Eyck published her original theremin method book entitled, “The Art of Playing the Theremin”, and has since conducted workshops, lectures and Masterclasses in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, the United States of America, Mexico and Japan. In 2010, Carolina Eyck received her Bachelor of music degree in viola at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.


  • "Sciciani—Am wendischen Burgwall" Pictures for Accordion and Strings, world premiere on September 16, 2006 by the Cottbus Philharmonic Orchestra directed by GMD Reinhard Petersen, Soloist: Aidar Gainullin (Moskau)—Bajan
  • "CIANI—Am wendischen Burgwall" Pictures for Theremin and Orchestra, world premiere on February 4, 2007 by the orchestra of the Musikgymnasium Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (specialized high school for musicians) in the French Cathedral Berlin
  • "Syllableaves" Concerto for Theremin and Orchestra, world premiere on April 24, 2010 by the Gävle Symfoniorkester directed by Fredrik Burstedt at the Konzerthaus Gävle (Sweden)
  • "Sauselei" Duet for Viola and Voice (2010)


  • Carolina Eyck plays works for Theremin (CD 2008)—EAN 4 025118 308424, © 2008 SERVI Verlag, Berlin; Musicians: Giulietta Koch—Piano, Rebekka Markowski—Cello, Magdalena Meitzner—Vibraphone/Percussion and Wiebke Lichtwark—Harp
  • Heinz Holliger Oboe Fantasy (DVD 2008)—© 2008 medici arts/EuroArts/Swiss Television; comprises the FANTASIA by Bohuslav Martinů; Musicians: Heinz Holliger—Oboe, Robert Kolinsky—Piano, Carolina Eyck—Theremin and the Keller Quartett (András Keller, János Pilz, Zoltán Gál, Judit Szabó)
  • Episodes von Dante's Dream (CD 2009)—special guest artist, © 2009 Dante's Dream (Germany)
  • Kalevi Aho: Theremin Concerto - Horn Concerto (CD & SACD 2009)—BIS; Annu Salminen / Carolina Eyck / Lapland Chamber Orchestra / John Storgårds, 2011. CD includes as extra a video clip with Carolina Eyck's introduction to Theremin.
  • Fazil Say: Sinfonie 2, Op.38 Mesopotamia & Sinfonie 3,Op. 43 Universe Fazil Say (CD 2013)—special guest artist; Dirigent: Gürer Aykal, Componist: Fazil Say, 2013, Label: Naive Classique (Indigo), Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra; Edition: BIS-2036
  • 'The Little Mermaid (DVD & Blu-ray; 2011)—special guest artist: Eyck played the voice of the mermaid using the theremin; © 2011, a BFMI Produktion in Co-Produktion with NDR / arte, San Francisco Ballet Association, WNET.ORG + THIRTEEN and NHK; Label: C Major; Director: Thomas Grimm; Distributor: C Major Entertainment; length: 120 Min. + 35 Min. Making-of
  • Improvisations for Theremin and Piano (CD, 2014)—Eyck and Christopher Tarnow; Butterscotch Records
  • Tarnow: Theremin Sonatas (CD, 2015)—Eyck and Christopher Tarnow; Genuin
  • Fantasias for Theremin and String Quartet (LP & CD, 2016)—Eyck and American Contemporary Music Ensemble; Butterscotch Records


  • Carolina Eyck: The Art of Playing the Theremin. SERVI Verlag, Berlin 2006, ISBN 3-933757-08-8
  • Carolina Eyck: Die Kunst des Thereminspiels. SERVI Verlag, Berlin 2006, ISBN 3-933757-07-X, EAN 4025 1187 0631—German version


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