Carolina Gold Drum and Bugle Corps

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Carolina Gold
Cg logo reduced.jpg
LocationRaleigh, North Carolina
DivisionDCA A Class
Executive DirectorLarry Harper Jr.
Corps DirectorJesse Rackley
Championship titlesClass A Champion (2012, 2018, 2019)
UniformBlack Vest with Silver Stripes and Purple Diamond, Yellow Undershirt, Black bib trousers, and Black shoes. (2018)

Carolina Gold Drum and Bugle Corps is an all age competitive and fraternal organization with around 65-70 members throughout the state of North Carolina and the entire Southeast. Although once based in Rocky Mount, NC and Greensboro, NC in its earlier years, Carolina Gold now rehearses at facilities in Wendell, North Carolina.

The 2011 Edition of Carolina Gold performing at the DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY

Established in the fall of 2000, the primary function of Carolina Gold is to provide a drum and bugle corps for the state of North Carolina. Gold strives to provide its performing members with a stimulating and rewarding instructional, competitive, and social experience. Performance units of this award-winning Corps consists of the horn line, the battery (drum line), front ensemble (pit), and a visual ensemble (color guard).[1]

Carolina Gold members are a diverse group of high school and college musicians, band directors, business people, parents, coming from all walks of life. Members come from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with ages ranging from 16 to over 50 years of age. Experience levels range from high school through college band as well as drum and bugle corps experience on the DCI World Class level.

Carolina Gold is a member of Drum Corps Associates (DCA), a governing body for senior and all-age drum and bugle corps in North America and competes against other member corps in A Class.[2]

The DCA competitive season begins in June and ends with the DCA World Championships taking place each year on Labor Day Weekend. Practices and performances are scheduled on weekends with rehearsals occurring bi-weekly starting in the winter months.

Carolina Gold finished in eighth place in Open Class at the 2005 DCA World Championships and in tenth place at the 2006 DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY. In 2009, Gold finished in fourth place in Class A at the 2009 DCA World Championships. In 2010, Gold placed third at the 2010 Championship along with receiving the High Percussion Award. In 2011, Gold once again finished third in Class A at the DCA World Championships and also won first place colorguard and again won the Class A high percussion award.[1][3] In 2012, Carolina Gold was crowned the DCA Class A World Champion. The Corps once again won first place colorguard and first place percussion. For the first time in the Corps history, Carolina Gold won first place in the Brass and Visual captions.[4][5]

After winning in A Class, Carolina Gold returned to Open Class and was a finalist in 2013 and 2014. Providing the finals exhibition performance in 2015.

But in 2018, returned to A Class. which proved to be a great move for the organization, as the Corps placed 1st in class and won all the scored caption awards.

In the past few years, Carolina Gold has started three WGI groups. [6]

1. Midas Winds (Winds)

2. Alchemy Independent (Percussion)

3. Legacy Independent (Color Guard)

Show Summary[edit]

Year Theme Repertoire Score Placement Class
2001 Revolution "Castle On A Cloud", "Dog Eat Dog", "At the End of the Day", "Master of the House", "Attack On Rue Plummet", "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", "Valjean's Soliloquay", "Do You Hear the People Sing", "One Day More". All selections from the Broadway musical "Les Miserables"[7] Did not Compete
2002 GOLDSpell: A Celebration of Life "Prepare Ye", "Save the People", "We Beseech Thee", "Day by Day", "O Bless the Lord My Soul", "Alas Alas", "Finale". All selections from the musical "Godspell" 75.850 15th Open
2003 LA Confidential: The Music of Cy Coleman "Prolgue and Theme"(From City of Angels), "Dont Take Much & Use What You Got (from The Life), "My Friend" (from The Life), "Funny" (from City of Angels) 81.063 13th Open
2004 Hanging with Dave "Warehouse", "Dreaming Tree", "Too Much", "Kit Kat Jam", "Drive In, Drive Out" 81.088 11th (tie) Open
2005 Reflections "Summertime" (from Porgy and Bess), "Fascinatin' Rhythm" (from Lady Be Good), "I Got Rhythm" (from Girl Crazy), "Autumn Leaves", "Remembrance" 85.988 8th Open
2006 Monster off a Leash: The Music of Tower of Power "You're Still A Young Man", "What Is Hip", "You Cant Fall Up", "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" 84.775 10th Open
2007 Did not field a corps this year
2008 American Holidays "New Years", "Gloria", "Chester Overture", "Halloween Medley", "Carol of the Bells", "5 Golden Rings" 75.888 8th A
2009 Requiem "Dies Irae" (from Days of Wrath), "Mass", "Agnus Dei" (from Adagio For Strings), "Lux Aeterna" (from Requiem for a Dream), "Joy" (from Awakening) 76.063 4th A
2010 Primary Suspects "Perry Mason Theme", "Prelude" (from Psycho), "North By Northwest", "Scene d'Amour", "The Trouble With Harry", "Death Hunt" (from On Dangerous Ground) 81.738 3rd A
2011 A City Never Sleeps "A New York State of Mind", "Metroplex", "Harlem Nocturne", "Blue Rhondo A La Turk", "Unsquare Dance", "Birdland" 83.850 3rd A
2012 Out of the Shadows "Suite No. 1 Opus 55 – Solveig’s Song", "Hall of the Mountain King", "Fix You" (by Coldplay), "A-Ha!" (by Imogen Heap) 82.600 1st A
2013 Mission: Accepted Original Music by Rob Stein, Justin Mabry, and Sean Combes 84.030 10th Open
2014 The Darkest Hour “Moonlight Sonata” (Beethoven) “Ballet Suite No. 4” (Shostakovich) “Night On Bald Mountain” (Mussorgsky) “Danse Macabre” (Camille Saint-Saëns) “Lacrimosa” (Mozart) “Sleepy Hollow” (Elfman) 85.200 9th Open
2015 Let it Snow Palladio (Karl Jenkins), "Let it Go", "L'inverno (Vivaldi), "The Frozen Cathedral" (John Mackey) 82.950 11th Open
2016 Mirror Mirror Lux Aurumque (Eric Whitacre), Fly to Paradise (Eric Whitacre), Man In the Mirror (Michael Jackson), Mirrors (Justin Timberlake), Joy (from Awakening) (Joseph Curiale), Harrison's Dream (Peter Graham), Serenada Schizophrana (Danny Elfman) 80.680 14th Open
2017 So Into You (Repertoire not available) 81.000 12th Open
2018 Changing Directions "Rocky Point Holiday" (Ron Nelson), "Take On Me" (Hidden Citizens), 'Orawa" (Wojciech Kilar), "One Man Show" (Jeff Beal) 82.55 1st A
2019 Come One, Come All! “Send in the Clowns” (Stephen Soundheim) “Little Suite for Brass” (Malcolm Arnold) “Sabre Dance” (Aram Khachaturian) “Dance of the Jesters” (Tchaikovsky) “Never Enough” From the Greatest Showman (Benji Pasek and Justin Paul) 84.225 1st A


Midas Winds[edit]

Midas Winds is Carolina Gold's Indoor Winds group. They compete in Independent Open. They are the first WGI winds group to be started by a drum corps They were originally known as The Carolina Gold Winds before they changed to Midas Winds. They have been inactive since the 2018 season due to a lack of membership.[9]

Show Summary 2016–Present

Year Theme Score Placement Class
2016 One 86.575 2nd WIO
2017 Pipe Dream 89.525 2nd WIO
2018 Inactive
2019 Inactive

Alchemy Independent[edit]

Alchemy Independent is Carolina Gold's Indoor Percussion Group. They were founded in 2016 to provide an Independent Percussion Group to the Triangle Region of North Carolina. They compete in WGI and AIA as a Percussion Independent Open (PIO) group. [10]

Show Summary 2017–Present

Year Theme Score Placement
2017 The Light 86.700 16th
2018 Hidden Faces, Hidden Costs 82.500 27th
2019 The Other Side 80.150 30th

Legacy Independent[edit]

Legacy independent was Carolina Gold's Indoor Color Guard Program. They Competed In WGI and AIA as a Color Guard Independent Open (CGIO) Unit. As of 2019, they have combined with First Flight Winterguard From Cary, NC.


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