Carolina Moon (2007 film)

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Carolina Moon
DVD cover
Based on Carolina Moon
by Nora Roberts
Screenplay by Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Stephen Tolkin
Theme music composer Steve Porcaro
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Cinematography Derick Underschultz
Editor(s) Gib Jaffe
Running time 95 minutes
Production company(s) Mandalay TV
Distributor Lifetime Television
Original network Lifetime Television
Original release
  • February 19, 2007 (2007-02-19) (USA)

Carolina Moon is a 2007 American television film directed by Stephen Tolkin and starring Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson. Based on the Nora Roberts novel Carolina Moon, the film is about a woman with psychic visions who returns to her hometown to exorcise her demons and finds both danger and love. Carolina Moon is part of the Nora Roberts 2007 movie collection, which also includes Angels Fall, Blue Smoke, and Montana Sky. The movie debuted February 19, 2007 on Lifetime Television.


Young Tory Bodeen (Forlani), is blessed - or maybe cursed - with clairvoyance. Her childhood best friend, Hope, is murdered and she leaves town. Years later she returns to open a retail store. Tory's father, an abusive religious fanatic and ex-con remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murder. Her mother is a weak enabler, believing her husband is a good man, and that Tory is evil due to her paranormal abilities.

As the anniversary of Hope's death approaches, Tory resolves to face her demons, with the help of her childhood friends—Tory's cousin Wade (Willett), Hope's twin sister Faith (Davis), and the twins' older brother Cade (Hudson), who realizes his childhood crush on Tory hasn't ended. Will her friends be enough to save Tory?



The film was executive produced by Stephanie Germain and Peter Guber, who also 'e.p.-ed' seven other Roberts films for Lifetime in 2007 and 2009.

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