Caroline (ship)

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United States
Owner: Swain and Co, New Bedford, MA
Fate: Disappeared in 1802
General characteristics
Class and type: Schooner
Tons burthen: 103 tons
Complement: 11 crew, 2 passengers

The Caroline was a schooner constructed in New Bedford, United States. It disappeared without trace in 1802.

Built and registered in New Bedford, it was owned by Swain and Co a New Bedford firm. It was 103 tons weight. It reached Sydney on 22 December 1801 under the command of St Tuckerman. It left Sydney on 29 March 1802 with Lieutenant Neil McKellar on board who carried the dispatches from Governor Phillip Gidley King to England. The ship was to return to New Bedford. It was never heard of again and was lost with McKellar, Tuckerman and a crew of nine men.[1]


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