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A number of vessel were named Caroline:

  • Caroline (1804 ship) was a French privateer commissioned in Saint-Malo in 1804. She served in the Indian Ocean, based at Mauritius. As she was returning to Saint-Malo, a British sloop captured her off Cape Finisterre in 1809 accidentally sunk shortly thereafter.
  • Caroline (1805 ship) was launched at Calcutta in 1805. She made one voyage for the British East India Company (EIC). Thereafter, she became a London-based transport, sailing between England and India under a license from the EIC. She was wrecked in 1816.
  • Caroline (1825 ship) was built at Cochin, British India, in 1825. She made one voyage transporting convicts from Ireland to Australia. She was last listed in 1851.
  • Caroline (schooner), an American schooner that disappeared in 1802
  • Caroline (steamboat), Great Lakes steamer destroyed in 1837, triggering the Caroline Affair
  • Caroline, a blockade runner for the Confederate States of America, later USS Arizona
  • Caroline, a 1931-built motor yacht, later the tender USS Hilo

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