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Caroline Azar is a playwright, director and librettist. She was the lead singer, keyboardist and co-lyricist/composer of the post-punk proto grrl band Fifth Column.


The all-women punk band Fifth Column began in the early-1980s in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] The band self-released two albums, To Sir With Hate and All-Time Queen Of The World.[2]

Azar has acted in a number of stage productions, including Julian Doucet's "Phae" and The Molly Murders by Anthony Furey, for which she was both selected as "Outstanding Performer" by Now Magazine.[3]

She worked as directorial assistant for the Judith Thompson productions of Perfect Pie,[4] Habitat, Capture Me and Body and Soul, story editor, and dramaturg for other writers, Azar has also written several plays, including Satan's Mistress (as a supplementary, with lead writer, queer icon, filmmaker and activist Rosa Von Praunheim, The Surreal Detective vs John Nothing and Man-O-Rexic. Man-O-Rexic featured songs written by Azar and recorded with Fifth Column alumni G. B. Jones and Beverly Breckenridge along with Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras.[5]

In 2012, a documentary film by Kevin Hegge, called She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column was released featuring interviews with band members Caroline Azar, G.B. Jones, and Beverly Breckenrige, with commentary on the influence of Fifth Column by Kathleen Hanna and Bruce LaBruce.[6]

Azar devised a performance for colleagues GB Jones and Minus Smile (Willard Scott Kerr) for their Southern Ontario Gothic Musical Group: OPERA ARCANA: The performance piece was called "The Bruised Spirits of Southern Ontario" inspired by the hauntingly alluring songs of Opera Arcana as composed by Jones and Kerr. The piece was launched on Hallows Eve: Oct 31 and Day Of The Dead: Nov 1 2014 at the infamous VideoFag Performance Outlet in Kensington Market, Toronto, run by Canadian Theatre Icon Jordan And GG Award Recipient Tanahill and celebrated Artist/Actor William Ellis.

Azar launched her live workshop production of 'D.I.N.K.' at The Next Stage Theatre Festival in downtown Toronto at The Factory Theatre in January, 2015, starring the broadway stage star David Keeley (MamaMia). The show received mixed reviews.[7][8]

Azar created, wrote, directed and co-produced with Jamillah Ross a comic series written solely for Ms. Ross: THE ST PEON SERIES about the adventures of a philosophical Parking Enforcement Officer Rita Mae Nelson. The first world premiere production was in (2018) and named ST PEON OF THE PEOPLE. Reviews:

Followed by a more in-depth part 2 of the Rita's story entitled (2019) ST PEON OF PARKDALE. Both were on site walking plays that Azar coined as "FitBit Theatre". The experience ended at the front foot of Parkdale, being Dufferin and Queen West at the Parkdale Amphitheatre, a common meeting place. Supporting actors in both shows were: Sean Fisher, Claire Brousseau and Stevie Jay (Johnston)


In July 23 2021, The Canadian Theater Review published one of Azar's monologues from ST PEON OF PARKDALE's as excerpt in their SUMMERWORKS EDITION. The paper edition of the prestigious magazine will be available in September of 2021:

Azar is also penning a WW2 romantic saga loosely based on her family in Livorno, Italy called DAYS OF AWE, as well as Feminist Suspense Horror called THE CUSTODIAN. Azar sometimes works as a Ghost writer for science fiction enthusiasts as well as legal eagles. By 2023, she will relaunch a redux of D.I.N.K aptly named: "Double Income No Kids". A 'better' version post-me-too, that she has re-written and will co-produce for the post Covid-19 stage as a proper world premiere 2023 in select venues TBA.



(For Fifth Column recordings, see Fifth Column)


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