Caroline Boissier-Butini

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Caroline Boissier-Butini, née Caroline Butini (born in Geneva on 2 May 1786 died 17 March 1836) was a pianist and composer of Switzerland.[1]

She was the eldest child of Pierre Butini (1759-1838) and Jeanne-Pernette born Bardin (1764-1841). The musician wrote that her father was her most important patron, though he played no instrument. She once noted in her diary: "J'ai un tiers consacré de ma vie à la musique" or "I have a third of my life dedicated to music", Journal no 3, probably 1806), while in the family environment nobody employed similar intensity with music. Caroline Butini belonged to the upper class of Geneva. She grew up therefore in a favorable environment for girls and received a broad general education. At 22 she was married to Auguste Boissier (1784-1856), who played the violin. He also supported her musical activities.[2]