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Caroline Donald, Hatchards, London, 2018

Caroline Donald is a British journalist and author, and the gardening editor of The Sunday Times since 2000.

Donald has been gardening editor of The Sunday Times since 2000.[1][2]

Her book, The Generous Gardener: Private Paradises Shared is a compilation of 43 article or essays, primarily from The Sunday Times.[3] Gardeners and their gardens covered include Jilly Cooper, Will Alsop, Henry Cecil, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jim Carter, Imelda Staunton, Christopher Gibbs, Natasha Spender, Penelope Hobhouse, Bob Flowerdew, Kelly Brook, and Roy Lancaster.[3][4] It has been described as a "a pick up and browse gem to lift the spirits and reinforce what we all know – that gardening is good for you!"[4]


  • The Generous Gardener: Private Paradises Shared, Pimpernel Press, ISBN 978-1910258972


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